Happy People


Our committee is determined to develop and create more interest groups. To do this we need members who have a passion or interest in a topic, and who are keen to pass that knowledge on to others, to offer leadership.

Groups are established to meet the needs of the members, with the approval of the committee. If you have expertise in any area, or if you want to develop that expertise, one of the best ways to accomplish your future objectives is to join with other people in learning and teaching, and perhaps in doing something practical together. You might like to join our existing groups. Alternatively you might like to suggest a new group.

Interest groups are financially self-sustaining and meet at times and venues suitable to the needs of their members. This list is stolen for Christchurch North West.

Epicurean's' Group
Bridge Group
Art Appreciation Group
Conversational French Group
The Craft Group
Mahjong Group
History Group
Book Discussion (Books we are reading)
Travel Group
Second Tuesday Film Group
Technology Group
Windows Ten Technology Group
TED Group "Ideas Worth Spreading"
Theatre Film Group
Book Group (Group Full)

By joining an Interest Group there are further chances to interact socially with other members. New interest groups are encouraged.

Looking to start a new book group? The only limit is the lack of leaders, for new groups. If you have a good idea, take it to your committee.