Introduction to Eastside U3A

Steering Committee

We are right now in the process of forming a steering committee. You can certainly join. If you want to contact the sponsor of the club, you can write to John Veitch here. Please feel free to make inquiries.

There is a group at Online Groups, where we are sharing information. You can join if you wish.

If you would like to join us NOW, you can apply for membership here.

Inaugural Meeting

The Inaugural Meeting will be on Thursday Morning 28th of July, at 9.45am. for coffee. The meeting's formal business will begin about 10.15am.

That meeting will be supported by members of U3A Christchurch North West, and the U3A Network Canterbury.

We expect our group to open with close to 100 members. They will be people from many backgrounds who come together to learn and socialise.

Please tell you friends about this meeting. U3A is a wonderful institution and there is excellent support for our activities. You friends will be keen to join.

At our monthly meetings we will listen to and learn from speakers on a wide range of topics, and questions from the group are always encouraged.

General meetings start at 9.45am on the last Thursday of the month, except in December, with time for tea or coffee and a chat with the formal meeting beginning at 10.15am.

General meetings will be held at Aldred Memorial Church, 36 Nancy Avenue.

Members are encouraged to join, and create, interest groups where knowledge on whatever subject interests and excites you, can be shared. To be eligible to join a group, you must be a full financial member of Eastside U3A.

Like other U3A groups, Eastside U3A will be run by a volunteer committee that is elected by members. We encourage the committee members to rotate their roles, and we are keen to encourage one or two new members to join the committee annually.

U3A is a rapidly developing movement, and there are opportunities to develop new U3A groups in every suburb. If that interests you, and you know of a suitable venue, please contact the nearest U3A to where that venue is.

There is a tentative proposal to create a second U3A North East of where our club will be situated. Maybe later this year or early next year.