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These articles have been selected by John Veitch.  I think they are informative and useful.

Where possible links to the original publication and to the authors other essays are given.

Other pages may list quotes on various topics.  John Veitch is entirely responsible for selecting and editing those quotes.

World Views

Confronting Empire   by Arundhati Roy  While the elite journeys to its imaginary destination somewhere near the top of the world, the dispossessed are spiralling downwards into crime and chaos.  I have no easy answers. 
Energy, Technology and Climate: Running Out of Gas   by David Goodstein  David Goodstein makes the case for public awareness of future steep increases in fuel prices.  This will vastly change economic structures, incomes and property values.
Just the (Documented) Facts, Ma'am   By Robert Jensen  Robert Jensen explains why professional journalists are constrained in their ability to report the truth as they know it.
HMO's - Health Care in America   By Doug Dowd  The early 1990s saw a wave of mergers and acquisitions among health insurers that left large regions of the country with only two or three competing health plans.  How has that affected health care?

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