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Business Associates and Partners

This page links to the people I deal with on a business basis.

Online Groups NZ Ltd.
Dan RandowLinkedIn
Online Groups has provided services since 2006.
This is where I have 7600+ business contacts.
The original online social network
I run three networks on Ryze.
Team Downunder Network
A Ryze network for NZ and Australian people
I use Gmail on a daily basis.
My ISP for 15 years.
The Innovation Network
The Innovation Network is the longest running Innovation group anywhere on the Internet.
The Open Future Network
This is a network to promote my forward thinking business ideas.
Assoc. of Internet Researchers
Association of Internet Researchers
I'm a long term member of the discussion list.
Assoc. of Knowledgework
I've been a member here for several years.
Bank of New Zealand
Customer since 1990.
Smart People Magazine
Smart People
This is a new electronic publication aimed at the business and innovation communities, with a special focus on knowledge ecology.