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New Zealand Contacts

This page links to the people who live in New Zealand or have NZ Connections.
Mostly these people are members of Kiwi Scrum.

Simon YoungLinkedIn
Co-founder of iJump, a New Zealand-based social media consultant that helps organisations participate in real, human conversations online.
I've known Simon for several years. Enthusiastic communicator.

Ifor Ffowcs-WilliamsLinkedIn
Global client base includes World Bank, IFC, OECD, UNIDO, Commonwealth Secretariat, Swedish Aid Programme (Sida/SAREC), US Aid and New Zealand Aid.
Ifor is a font of knowledge about international business development.
A reliable point of contact for New Zealanders trying to build international expertise here.
CEO at Cluster Navigators Ltd
Suzanne KendrickLinkedIn
Director at Recruitment Strategy
Suzanne has been "on the Internet" in a visible way for a long time. She says "My IT career developed in parallel with the growth of the internet."
Highly respected in the recruitment community.
John DierckxLinkedIn
Co-founder of the Arcis Fraud Discovery and Exposure Centre.

Managing Director at Arcis New Zealand Ltd
John has been a reliable friend and helper over several years.
John HumphreyLinkedIn
John is an entrepreneur, as well as a consultant, focussed on serving real market needs with telecommunications services and products
The most strongly connected New Zealander on LinkedIn.
Executive Director at IP Broadband Satellite Services Ltd
Alistair GibbonsLinkedIn
Ben RiddlerLinkedIn
Chief Results Officer at
"The only way you can grow a company is have your people care about the results and help deliver them."
Tim HainesLinkedIn
Handy Shop makes it easy, quick, and convenient for your customers to buy from you./dd>
Founder at
Recently focusing on user contributed media content and social network like sites.
Steve DavisLinkedIn
Andrew HamiltonLinkedIn
David NottageLinkedIn
Neil MovoldLinkedIn
Marcin PlazewskiLinkedIn
Information Analyst/Engineer with EDS and HP
Marciin is probably the No3 New Zealander in total Linkedin connections
Jerry BallLinkedIn
Interest and practice in project and change management, with a focus on change relating to business processes
Director at Entity Group Limited
James ButlerLinkedIn
ICT Project Manager at St John
Internet enthusiast.
Strong supported of Kiwi Scrum
Luigi CappelLinkedIn
Marketing Director at Readingit Corporation
A Futurist and member of the World Future Society
Published and active songwriter, have performed in several countries

James CarrLinkedIn
Director at AIESEC in Canterbury
Mathematics Tutor at University of Canterbury
Frank GebhardtLinkedIn
Max KennedyLinkedIn
Richard WaidLinkedIn
Director at IOPEN Technologies Ltd.
Technical lead for the open source software known as groupserver.
Highly respected database specialist.
Bill SkeltonLinkedIn
Crispin Garden-WebsterLinkedIn
Reece B JohnsonLinkedIn
James RobsonLinkedIn
Mauricio FreitasLinkedIn
Karaitiana TaiuruLinkedIn
Suzanne KendrickLinkedIn
Dr Bruce JohnstoneLinkedIn
Ted FoxLinkedIn
Mike UllrichLinkedIn
Alick WilsonLinkedIn
Jed FisherLinkedIn
Mike RiversdaleLinkedIn
Carol Cooper-TaylorLinkedIn
Rod McPhersonLinkedIn
Nick GerritsenLinkedIn

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