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This page links to the people I know and trust and deal with in my daily life. Sadly most of those people are not visible on the Internet YET.

Bill VickLinkedIn
Bill Vick has been the leading recruiter actively engaged in social networking. He learned many of his skills early on the Ryze network. since 2003.
I empower your success by providing unforgiving and focused insights into employment issues
Bill's business website and blog.
LinkedIn for Recruiting
Dawn MularLinkedIn
When I first met Dawn she worked for Sun Microsystems. She was the hub of a large network. Dawn was very active on Ryze too.
Recruiting, Optimist, Life Artist, ITIL Best Practices.
Helping Friends Career Network
Blog for the Helping Friends Group
Mike O'NeilLinkedIn
Mike was the first person to take LinkedIn Training seriously and build a business out of it. Lots of experience and good advice.
host of the Integrated Alliances Show on the Social Media Connection Broadcast Network
Mike is an expert on personal branding as demonstrated here.
Octavio PitalugaLinkedIn
Octavio used the process of netwoking to save the company that employed him and to build a successful business. He was the original Chief Networking Officer, by experience, before he invented the term.
CEO at Top Executives Net, TEN Group,
CNO, Chief Networking Officer at Net-Bridges
Interview at Stan Relihan“s "The Connections Show"
Jay DeragonLinkedIn
An De JongheLinkedIn
Grant GibsonLinkedIn
Raymond van der BelLinkedIn
Arnnei SpeiserLinkedIn
Gael de KerdanetLinkedIn
Managing Director at Hedgehog Consultancy (new Business) Gladesville, Sydney
CEO, with strong strategic marketing and business development skills
CEO at Calcium Software (NZ)
Gael has worked hard to promote new business and entrepreneurship in New Zealand.
Tia Carr WilliamsLinkedIn
I first met Tia in a brave social network startup by Amodus Consultants. Tia was clearly the leading light with lots of powerful ideas to share.
Recently she's been helping and advising Jerry Ash with Smart People Magazine.
CEO of the Relationship Capital Institute
The Relationship Networking Industry Association
Tia Carr Williams on BlogTalk Radio
Jim BrowningLinkedIn
Jim understands networing and very active in online LinkedIn Training.
Previously traded as "LinkedIn Networking Atlanta"
CEO & Co-Founder Your Profile Now! Professional Social Networking Training
Jim Browning's Blog
Tab PierceLinkedIn
Jason AlbaLinkedIn
I met Jason via his excellent little book, "I'm on LinkedIn - Now What?" He started JibberJobber is a personal relationship manager for job seekers.
Passionate about all things related to personal career management
The Jibber Jobber Relationship Manager for Job Seekers
LinkedIn Trainer and author of "I'm on LinkedIn - Now What?"
Jonathan JordanLinkedIn
Philippe Nicolaļ-DashwoodLinkedIn
Marc FreedmanLinkedIn
Marc runs an enormous LinkedIn network of over 35000 direct connections. He's very active helping people to understand networking and giving them tools to develop their connections.
Ronald WopereisLinkedIn

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