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I've been running an Innovation Network on Ryze for six years.
This is the only public Innovation Network on the Internet that's survived for long at all.  At the same time I've come across some interesting characters who are not Ryze Members.

Lamar MorganLinkedIn
Lamar is the Squidoo King of Ryze
Noted for his enthusiasm and support for other people.
Persistent in his endevours. Likely to succeed
Lamar Morgan on Ryze Ryze
John James O'BrienLinkedIn
Consultant, Educator, Co-author Knowledge Resource Management model, internationally active Certified Records Manager
John James O'BrienRyze
Joseph LyndersLinkedIn
Master Industrial Designer and Design Consultant
Synthesizing Innovation, Creativity, Illustration, Photography, and Cartooning and Design, together to make art films.
Joseph Lynders on RyzeRyze
Ron Sam
Mechanical Design Engineer. Working for familiar companies such as Universal Studios, Xerox Corp, and a host of Hollywood film related businesses.
Ron Sam on RyzeRyze
Peter FlentovLinkedIn
Founding Partner of 20/20 Innovation, a strategic innovation and business renewal consultancy.
Peter Flentov on RyzeRyze
Chuck FreyLinkedIn
Founder and editor at
Specialist in innovation, social media, web development, content management
Jeffrey BaumgartnerLinkedIn
Specialist in Innovation Process Management
Managing Director and founder of
Author of Report 103 an on-line journal about creativity, imagination, ideas and innovation in business.
Brian HuntLinkedIn
Process Improvement and Quality Systems Specialist
Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom
Brian HuntRyze
Cathryn HrudickaLinkedIn
Chief Imagination Officer
CEO and Principal, Creative Sage™
San Francisco Bay Area
Cathryn HrudickaRyze
Andrew HargadonLinkedIn
The Center for Entrepreneurship at UC Davis
Member of The Business Innovation Factory
Author of Harga -Blog, a conversation about technology, design, and creativity.
on RyzeRyze
Richard Weisenberger LinkedIn
Richard did four years of independent research in the physics behind the sound of flue organ pipes and steam whistles. This research resulted in US Patents 4429656, 4686928 and in the design of transmission line loudspeakers of higher output and efficiency.
He's developed a warning whistle or alarm with excellent penetration of buildings
Richard Weisenberger on RyzeRyze
Kenneth Hilving LinkedIn
Owner, Hilving Associates and Information Technology and Services Consultant.
Business manager, ICT architect, operations manager, service manager,
Kenneth Hilving Ryze
Alexander ScaramangaLinkedIn
Graphic artist and web designer.
Philosopher and student of European affairs.
Resident of Athens, Greece
Alexander Scaramanga on RyzeRyze
Bhaskar M VLinkedIn
Director of Kadambari Consultants Pvt Ltd
Promoting revolutionary new technologies in the field of Water and Solar Energy. Marketing NUALGI a unique invention that causes a bloom of Diatom Algae in any type of water.
Bhaskar M V on RyzeRyze
Ben BotesLinkedIn
UK Business Planning is a UK based venture dedicated to developing presentable Business Plans and Models for start-up and later-stage companies.
Ben Botes on RyzeRyze
Gerald "Solutionman" HamanLinkedIn
Founder of SolutionPeople, developer of the Chicago Thinkubator, adjunct professor of innovation at Northwestern University, editor of InnovatorsDigest.
Bala PillaiLinkedIn
I lead the foremost "guerilla" acumen networks in the world for socio-technology augmented acumen and strategy
Bala Pillai on RyzeRyze
James BoothLinkedIn
Writer / Editor
Personal Sovreignty Network
James Booth on RyzeRyze
Steven CliftLinkedIn
Chair, E-Democracy.Org and Ashoka Fellow, Editor DoWire.Org
Steven is promoting communication in democratic societies worldwide.
Dave PollardLinkedIn
How to Save the World Blog, in search of a better way to live and make a living, and a better understanding of how the world really works.
Chief Knowledge Officer at Ernst and Young
Dave Pollard on RyzeRyze
Thomas HolfordLinkedIn
The Girvan Institute of Technology is a non-profit business incubator
Thomas is an Executive In Residence.
Thomas is a strong advocate for entrepreneurship and capitalism. He and I don't always agree.
Thomas has an honest view clearly stated.
Thomas Holford on RyzeRyze

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