The Ryze Guestbook of John S Veitch

My Record in Helping People 2005

One Hundred and Forty-Four Entries


Stephen Conroy, 12/29/05:
Hi John, Thank you once more for the experience and insight you so generously share. Anyone reading this should be sure to check out all the links on John's page. Thanks to your links I just joined two additional network communities I otherwise would not have known about.

Nicole Young, 12/24/05:
Hi John, Thanks for signing my guestbook. So I got your approval, being a newbie and all. Thanks.

Anil Eraiah, 12/24/05:
Dear Mr. John, Thanks for your valuable inputs. I regret the delay in replying. I had registered in ryze quite long back, but was not frequenting it . As advised by you i have registered myself on LinkedIn. Thanks a lot once again. Would keep in touch henceforth with you. I'm honored you took the time.

Tracy Yu, 12/22/05:
Hi John, Thanks for leaving your foot print in my GB. Didn't realize, I hit 1000. Nice page. "to be or not to be" emmm...i love that. It took COURAGE and DETERMINATION to do that. keep in touch

Alison Boston, 12/21/05:
John, Thanks for dropping by my site. I appreciated reading yours and learning about your interests in sustainable development and hiking - two of my personal interests. Although I've been on the web for a while, I've started my website and am just really starting to appreciate some of its possibilities. I also dropped by your Open Future blog and read your post about weak and strong ties. Good insight there.

Gery DiMarco, 12/20/05:
Hello John. Just wanted to drop by, say hello, and let you know I enjoy and appreciate your input I've seen in a couple of the networks.

Anil Eraiah, 12/20/05:
Hi John, Good evening, Just bumped into your page while Ryzing. Nice to know you through this site. Was quite engrossed with the contents on your page. Do visit my page and leave your impressions on my GB.

Dana Goetz, 12/18/05:
Any help with this board would greatly be appreciated. Thanks Dana

Shubhangi Halande, 12/15/05:
Hi, this is Shubhangi. sorry i did not look at your message in Ryze which you sent me before. Thanks to you for writing me note.

Tonya Brody, 12/13/05:
John, Your webpage has to be the most interesting and most well presented page I've seen so far. You seem like you have a lot to offer from experience and knowledge, and at the same time don't forget the simple essentials of life. I'd love to keep in touch and learn more about and from you.

Geo Dan RUSU, 12/09/05:
Hello John, I thank you for your encouraging words you wrote in my GB and I like to be useful to you now and anytime, where understandings and acceptance are very important for all of us, Thank you again and I wish you my best regards.

Profira Rusu, 12/08/05:
Hi John Stephen, Thank you for your Welcome words and for your good advice for adding me to new networks. I wish you all your wishes to become true.

Satya Prakash India's Best Karaoke Jockey, 12/08/05:
John, Each word on your profile prompts me to meet you in person. We will surely meet some day.

Kaleem Aziz, 11/29/05:
Hi John, Thanks for guiding me around on Ryze. You've an impressive profile.

CW Winson, 11/29/05:
HI Jonn, So nice to hear from you in my guestbook. Do hope I can get in touch with more intelligent people like you. Why it is difficult to innovate? That is because innovators are too ambitious to conquer the world while others eat like ants. I hope that with your help, my wisdom can be useful to the world.

Aditi Agarwal, 11/26/05:
Hieee.. thanxx so much.. its really nice getting across to you on ryze..
u know wt.. i generally don't like reading any 1s GB.. but yrs it awesome..
wow.. i m sure i ll learn a lot from u .. :)

Amit Amberker, 11/24/05:
Hello Sir :) I hope you still remember me. Wish You Happy Thanksgiving Day!
Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Katherine Powers, 11/21/05:
Great page, thanks for the blog info, and I just joined your network! Now to check out the rest of the info on your page. Thanks for sharing so much.

Gali Pushkin, 11/20/05:
Here is what my friend wrote about her travel to NZ: "the country is gorgeous, the scenery - mountains, beaches, plants and birds I have never seen before....the friends I visited were also really incredible." Oh, I am so envious!:)

Grace Judson, 11/15/05:
Hi, John. It's always good to see someone with strong opinions! I have my own share of soapboxes that I keep under the desk for whenever I need to pull one out and jump up and down on it. :) I look forward to exchanging ideas and opinions on the various networks we both visit.

Marguerite Wright, 11/15/05:
Hi John, Welcome to P2P network group. You look like you know how to have a good time. I see you are involved with Toastmasters too. This is a group I used to belong to and want to get back into, hopefully soon. Look forward to networking with you.

Sean Peters, 11/11/05:
Hello John, I spend many hours reading the interesting posts here at ryze, especially in the leaders and water cooler networks, and can say that often I have read your with great interest, always clear, correct and precise. I also found your home page to be very informative, ryze is a better place with members like you.

H. Dean Hua, 11/08/05:
Congratulations on nearing 4000 hits so far. You've done a good job and have participated in many forums. I commend you. You are a Ryze evangelist.

Soni Pitts, 11/08/05:
Hey John - just dropping in to let you know I've been pimping your Newbies blog to my Social Capital and Networking community members. I've been hosting a 5-week teleseminar about online business networking, and your blog is listed as one of the resources in the materials, plus I've posted it on the community forum. Dunno if it'll translate to any real traffic (you know how these things go) but wanted you to know that you've got folks out here at least trying to direct said traffic your way. :-) I figure that the more educated my community members are, the better life (and networking) will be for all of us. Thanks for being a veritable font of good information.

Jessan Dunn Otis - jessandunnotis[at]gmail.c, 11/06/05:
John, I have most recently become involved as one of two "generators" for an international/virtual, non-profit organization that can use all the help, assistance and knowledge I can muster. I've been in contact with only a very few folks about this, thus far. Please contact me if this might be of interest to you.

Sean Peters, 11/04/05:
Hello John, Recently read your post in the water cooler about ryze, and found it very interesting.

Thyagarajan Iyer, 11/03/05:
Hi John, Very interesting. Many things I share with you. Please add me as a friend.

Joan Shannon, 11/01/05:
Hello John, I've been here on your page for about a half hour now and have only touch the surface of all the inspiration and wisdom you share! I'm delighted to be a member of RYZE and to have the opportunity to connect to life enhancing messages such as yours! Thank you for sharing your insights and wisdom. I'm honored to have met you.

Dear John, I must say the core content of your page is mine field of knowledge and wisdom very contemporary in application of new age doctrines ! I will be very happy to network with you and learn something new ! please visit my ryze page too and sign GB !

Anshu, 10/31/05:
Hello, I'm amazed... always when I read your post or like now when I'm here. Fascinating. You've been up to so much... and now I feel you have even more time to do so much more...!

Mary Kniskern, 10/28/05:
John, I just finished reading your step-by-step for newbies. Thanks so much for giving your time to help us newbies transition into this new community/culture. I'll be lurking around some of your networks for a while to get an even better sense of things. See you on the boards!

Keith Morant, 10/28/05:
Hello John, Thanks for you kind words and advice on Ryze.
Would you be so good to relate the same to other friends on my Ryze page. I am sure that they would appreciate some real input from such an obvious professional. Check out my websites for my details and I agree about that coffee.

Nitasha Singh, 10/25/05:
Hey John, Just passing by your page while ryzing very very interesting. I am yet to use the full package of RYZE. Am planning to start my own business in a few months time. Looking forward to inputs from everyone around here.

Kevin Barrett, 10/21/05:
Hello John, Christchurch is a beautiful part of the world... Joseph Rosenberg has suggested I get in contact with you as he considers you an expert on this type of networking.... so, I stopped by to say G'day.....

BOON Chang Yau, 10/20/05:
hi, john! saw your profile as I was ryzing. Interesting page you have here. will definitely browse some of your blogs. :-D

Dawn Gray, 10/19/05:
Greetings John, I must say I am extremely impressed with your exquisite home page, and I look forward to visiting your sites as my quest for knowledge is never ending.

Heather Emelin Graham, 10/12/05:
Hello John! New Zealand is one of my favorite places to visit. Thanks for your comment in my Guestbook. My beginning efforts as a Ryze newcomer were self-taught - or should I say "inspired by my Inner Muse"? I found your articles to be engaging and useful. Thank you!

Martyn Rees, 10/09/05:
Hi John, Found your guides to using Ryze very informative and useful.

Dan Strayer, 10/07/05:
Hi, John, I'm one of those people who joined Ryze and then just 'sat' there for over a year. I've been reading your tutorials, and also engaging with people on here now. As a former teacher here in the US, I have to concur with your comments on this page regarding education and children.

Victor, 10/04/05:
Hi John, Just stumbled on ur beautiful page and felt like saying a warm hello to you... would love to keep in touch and make friends with you...

Archana Patil, 09/30/05:
Hi John, First, I should thank you for viewing my page. I am getting things started on ryze slowly. I will update my page after viewing people like you.

Andrew Ashton, 09/29/05:
Hi John, Thanks for your message, I have corrected the spelling - thanks! What's the easy way to reply to your posting on my guest book?

Nathaniel Yao -, 09/26/05:
Hi John, Thanks for your PM! Hope you can drop by and leave a comment in my GB. Nice to meet you!

Kim Emerson, 09/23/05:
John, I am new to RYZE and I caught a glimpse of you on a friends page, so I dropped by to see what you have. You are truely a pioneer. Very cool page here,

Fernando Duran, 09/21/05:
Thanks for your welcome in my guestbook. You've got an interesting blog.

Guru, 09/18/05:
John: Hi! Thanks for stopping by and for the nice words.

Tee Williams, 09/17/05:
Hi John, Thanks for stopping by and signing my guest book. I appreciate the warm welcome. I think I will take you up on your offer and take a look at your network. In the mean time please let me know if there is anything that I can do for you or if there is anyway that I can contribute to your success.


Gaurav Tekriwal, 09/16/05:
Dear John, Thanks to your step by step blog and motivation in the form of gb signatures that I have been starting slowly to build my page.
I realized one thing that it requires a lot of time and thought to come up with a unique web-page. And slowly with your effort and support I should be able to achieve that! :)
And lastly-Your Insight into Networking and Page design Rocks!

Jeffrey Henderson, 09/16/05:
Dear John, Saw that you visited my page. Thanks for stopping by. Join my network "online business owner" I'm just started it and would love to have you on board.

phillysmith42, 09/12/05:
Hi there just dropping by and thanks for your advice. I was getting discourage about my business's in the past but now with your advice i will join more networks!

Prosperity Navigator, 09/11/05:
Thanks John for visiting my page. I have sent you a PM. I really enjoyed looking at your information. Denis.

Cristina Manciu, 09/09/05:
Hello John, Thank you for the kind words...I'm still working on my page, it will be re-designed by a former Co-Op check back in the next few days, I hope to have it up early next week.

Mehrez Taibah, 09/06/05:
Dear John, Thanks for your visit. Your page is very impressive

Marilyn Kvasnok, 09/06/05:
John, I'm fascinated by the circle of links you've built - from your Ryze page, to your blogs to ATE and probably more that I haven't found yet. I picture you as very organized and detail oriented. You need a clear vision of where you are and where you want to go to write like you do. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me and the whole Internet community.

jellie tan, 09/03/05:
Hi john, i just want to thank you for being the first to sign my guestbook. your advice is working for me...i'm hoping to learn more from you. thank you!

Sir Lancelot - FuFaji, 08/26/05:
Hello John, Thank you for the visit, and also giving me the statistics of the page hits to GB entry ratio. Never gave this fact a thought. Interesting data analysis. I have been reading your comments on the Network leaders board and always learn something new from you. Need to get to know more on blogging

Nilesh Wani, 08/20/05:
Thanks John for the encouraging words, Yes, I found the step by step blog very useful. Currently I am looking forward to start my own business but I was really blank on how to go about it on ryze. I am following the steps from your blog. I hope it will prove helpful for me.

Karri Flatla, 08/17/05:
Hi John, Thanks for stopping by my Ryze page. I LOVE your essay "Networking and Learning" (on your blog). It encapsulates my own perspectives on lifelong learning ... which comes only second to caffeine on my personal list of life's necessities =;) Internet culture indeed proves the immense enlightenment that results from such an ethic. Learning is both a skill and an attitude! If we could teach the world to be lifelong learners, what a world it would be. One person at a time I suppose.

N.i.k.h.i.l.., 08/16/05:
Hi John, Thanks for the note. That information about Ryze statistics was interesting. Frankly, I had no clue about it. The key, in a nutshell, I feel is to be open to connecting with a varied lot of people here and trying to establish meaningful relationships.

Lalit Saraswat, 08/16/05:
Hello John, I didn't know I was in the top 2% by the number of hits, but I feel Quality wins over Quantity, anytime :-)
Have made a lot of good friends, met very interesting people all over the world and done serious business on Ryze.

Sandra Harmon, 08/13/05:
Hi John, Why not check out my new network, I have a feeling you would be a great asset to us.

AJ Highlandhoney, 08/10/05:
Thanks for the visit to my page and the comments I am blessed to count you as a friend.

Nirmala M Mohan, 08/09/05:
Hi John, Your comments on the 'PAI' message brought me here. I'm very impressed by your clarity of thought, brevity in speech, esp the personal notes section. I want to visit your page once again & go in detail. I have a lot to learn from you!

Aditi Wanchoo, 08/08/05:
Hiya, I wasn't aware of the statistics you provided me with, thanks for the information!

Gaurav Tekriwal, 08/06/05:
Hey John, I will definitely do as you suggest. I am inviting very selected friends here who contribute and help making this world a better place! Once they are on - I would introduce them to your Page!

Gaurav Tekriwal, 08/04/05:
I just wondered if you've thought of writing a Book on Social Networking! Boy Ur postings Are excellent!

Gaurav Tekriwal, 08/04/05:
Hey John, Yea I just realized the potential of Ryze! I was here a year back but didn't do too much! Now I am thinking to being a Paid Active Member. Thanks for your Inputs! I am learning and will get my New Page Soon. And you know what You will be the first person I would show it too! :)

Gaurav Tekriwal, 08/04/05:
For the last half an hour I've been on ur Blog taking notes! And Know what--the next Hour I am going to do the same! :) You are part of some interesting networks like Academics and few I've never even heard of! I am a part of linkedin but it has never worked for me much! Now I think i know Why?

Vidya Viswanathan, 08/03/05:
Hi John, I don't take religious ranting seriously especially from the US. While that country has the most amazing academics most of them live in a TV washed culture and all homogenized (the Mac syndrome).
What happened in India? I don't quite know what you mean but the time frame being discussed in the thread is 30 years I live in a country where in my last Sundays visit to the museum with a historian we were talking about 2000 BC on wards...
I was helping out a friend of mine who is doing a photo documentation on Anglo Indians. The history goes back to 1600 where The East Indian company gave a gold Pagoda to every European who married a local. They benefited from integration...

Inger Lise Dahl, 08/02/05:
Hi John, I just "popped" in to say that I like what you write. I consider myself a newbie in internet network arenas. Trying to find where I belong. In my search I come across a lot of interesting people. You are one of them. I wish you great success.

Navneet Nagpal, 07/29/05:
Just dropping by to say hi and thank you for your kind comments. Enjoy the weekend ahead

Stacy Blaney, 07/28/05:
Hello John, Thanks, I found your blog very useful and hope to start improving mine soon with your tips.

Bob Jasper, 07/28/05:
Hi John, Thanks for your comments on my Ryze page. I just learned of your "Veech Innovation Network" forum and have been lurking there. I was pretty active in networking last year but have tapered off this year as other matters take my time. It was easier then to build a large "friends" list on Ryze. Harder now. Even harder to stay in touch with people when your time is limited.

DaJuan Tircuit, 07/28/05:
Hi John, Thank you for your suggestions. You epitomize what I think Ryze should be about. Your goal seems to be to help others as you grow. I look forward to the opportunity to being a part of your growth.

Vishal Salunkhay, 07/28/05:
Hello John, Thanks!! I have been reading some of your notes on how to use Ryze more effectively...will track your notes and obviously implement a few best practices for myself.

Sir Launcelot, 07/27/05:
hi john, have taken your advice and have posted a pic ... shall check out your step by step blog as well ... thanks

Lee Green, 07/25/05:
Hello John, I stumbled upon your site and am glad I found it. Very interesting! Thanks for some very good reading.

Barbara Johnson, 07/25/05:
Hi John, I read your post today,thanks for the good advice. I'm sure it will help a lot of us.

Raam Shanker... India Rocks Each Day, 07/25/05:
Hello John, Thanx a lot for signing my book quickly and the valuable feedback and suggestions, which will duly incorporated ... ! Also am opening access channels ... makes life a lot easier...

Amit Amberker, 07/19/05:
Dear Friend John, It was nice to know about you thru my RYZE home page on my guest book. Let me thank you for various reasons. Thank you so much for:
* Signing my guest book.
* Giving me your feed back and comments.
* Providing me the useful advice and
* Admiring my art works / Abstract Paintings.
With reference to your message I will make my email available. Thank you once again and please do keep in touch.

Joshua Birnbaum, 07/13/05:
Hi John, Thanks for dropping me a line. Thank you also for the pointers. I'll be sure to check them out.

Denise Minacapelli, 07/08/05:
Dear John, Thank you for the kind sentiments you posted to my g/b. I have taken you up on your offer to network with you on Linked in. I look forward to the opportunity of doing business with you in the near future. Let me know if you would like to find out more about my projects and if there is a way we can form some alliance.

Marilyn Kvasnok, 07/08/05:
John, Thanks for signing my GB. You're the first, that makes you #1 in my book! :-)
I enjoyed reading the Newbies Step by Step Blog. You are wise beyond your years. I will try to put your suggestions into practice. Being a people person and a long time network marketer, I'm trying to adapt my enthusiasm to social networking. I have a lot to learn and I'm open to coaching. Thanks for all you do on Ryze. You are a real asset to this site.

Raven555, 07/07/05:
Hi John, Thanks for stopping by my page (which I've finally completed!) I'll look forward to reading more of what you're about. So far it's been useful.

Dennis Bevers, 07/06/05:
Hello John, Thanks for visiting my homepage and signing my guestbook. I found we have a connection when I read your page and discovered you are from New Zealand. I recv'd an order from there in January. A buyer wanted imprinted mini-footballs for the SuperBowl party. They were referred to me by an online contact in Australia who pointed out that all their footballs are round.

Pankaj Prakash, 07/05/05:
Hi, Thanks for dropping by. Maybe I might be coming to NZ to shoot a film one of these days.
If I do then I'll definitely look you up. Meanwhile we can always meet through these pages.

Pankaj Prakash, 07/04/05:
Hi John, just happened to discover your page via someone else and am happy that I did, it's an honour to have had the privilege of visiting this site and going through its contents. Spent quite a few hours going through your Blog articles as well as visiting nearly all the other links. Please keep up the good work.

Ashish Gorde, 07/01/05:
Oh, I don't intend remaining a member of that 'privileged' network. Few friends told me about it and I couldn't believe such a group with such regressive ideas could exist and I had to go and investigate. By the way, I wrote a very scathing post and I don't even regret it. :)))

Teresa Johnson, 06/30/05:
Thank you, John, for coming by and for those kind words. Let me confess that I consider myself novice through out my life :-)

Alvin Ng, 06/27/05:
Hello John, Just ryzing by. Your surname caught my eye as I used to know a Veitch family who live in Perth. Was just wondering if you have and relatives there. I'm also into ballroom dancing but have stopped for about 5 years now. I'm still at basic level. I hope to take it up again soon. Anyway, hope all is well with you in NZ.

Capt.Amit Deshpande, 06/24/05:
I'm so over whelmed after going through your page that just thinking, how many times will we have to connect so that I can learn most from your experience.

Gloria Daniels, 06/23/05:
Hello John, I'm new to Ryze and online networking. Luckily, one of the first networks I am looking at is "The Virtual Handshake". There I came across your wonderful information for newbies. It will take me a while to go through it, but I will read every word. Thanks for helping me through this, and keeping me from putting my foot in my mouth!

Rajesh Paleth, 06/23/05:
Hello John, I'm quite interested in the things you've talked about. I'd really love to explore some of them further with you. As for me, I'm awfully keen on solving global puzzles, if only to see if one person can actually understand one thing about 5 billion others! I'll catch up on your writings over the next few days...meanwhile, I hope you will drop in on my page when you have the time.

Vidya Viswanathan, 06/16/05:
Thanks John. I have updated the link. Schools are meant for indoctrination. I agree whole heartedly. It is particularly bad here in India. The cover story i wrote in April for Civil society was on education.

Joe Severa, 06/15/05:
Nice work on that "Newbie" entry John, you perform admirably for someone so generous as to not charge fees, or do you, LOL? From what I gathered, I'm sure I could learn tons of stuff myself, & I've been online for years now.

Zi Chew, 06/07/05:
Hi John, Young Entrepreneurs was the network I first joined here on Ryze, and I read your advisory postings. They were very, very helpful - and though I'm still kind of finding my feet to Ryze to the occasion, I'll be up and running eventually, thanks to you!

Rhonda Twitty, 06/07/05:
Hi John, Just thought I would stop by and say hello... Good Tuesday morning to you... I hope you have a great day...

Priya Krishnan, 05/31/05:
Hello John, Thank you for leaving a beautiful note on my GB. I joined the network you reccommended. Looks like you yourself have a lot to offer. May I request a friend's invite to you. My email is open to you, if you want to contact me.

Arvid Jayal, 05/31/05:
John, Thanks for the advice. I am pretty new to this network and have a lot to learn but I am already finding it very promising indeed.

Patricia Roughan, 05/28/05:
John: Hi! Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by and signing my guestbook! How did you come across me? I am working on the networks.....I tell you the best one I have found is the B2Bnetwork. Are you on that one? Think you enjoy it. Hope to talk with you more.

Terri Higgins, 05/26/05:
Good morning John, I joined Ryze recently, and my page is still evolving as I'm learning everything. I find that the articles for newbies very important and wanted to thank-you for writing them and posting them on Ryze.
One thing I can tell you is that when I started I wanted to do everything right away. Until your articles. Now, I want to absorb and understand that wonderful information and advice. Only then will it be applied to it's fullest value. Looking forward to reading other material. One day at a time.

Jim Walker, 05/21/05:
John, Thanks for signing my guest book and the advice. I'll be looking at your blog to see what I can learn. Hopefully it can help propel me forward in many ways.

Paawun, 05/19/05:
Hi John ! No I haven't done any writing lately. Life is really involved right now. Don't have time for anything except worrying and figuring out stuff. Let me catch my breath and i will get back to it.

Nitin Narayan, 05/18/05:
Hi John, Thanks for signing my guestbook and your advice... Have been on Ryze for a while, its just this month that I have taken active interest in this networking tool. I am impressed by the rate at which information gets exchanged at Ryze.

Charu Jain, 05/17/05:
Hi John, Came to your page from The Virtual Handshake Network. I've been a member of Ryze since a long time but never really participated actively. Your thoughts really made an interesting read and now I feel that I should invest more time interacting on different groups. I also used the links provided by you on Social Networks on this page, thanx.

John Snyder, 05/17/05:
John, I read with interest, your Post to another Network this morning and I can see that you have a lot of insight. I don't know why we have never run into each other before.

T.J. Brewster, 05/15/05:
John, I really enjoy your posts and your blog. I really love networking. I think it is the only way to do business. I am the founder of The DreamTeen Foundation. We help teens realize their dreams. I think you would be an awesome mentor for these teens.

Ashwin Sivakumar, 05/15/05:
Hi John, Thanks for visiting my page and leaving your comments. Much appreciated. I have been on and off on ryze, been using it more *seriously* since a month back! I maintain my pages and contacts at linkedin. You are welcome to visit my pages there. Lets keep in touch.

Michael Scott, 05/15/05:
John, Thanks for the great advice. Other than meeting one of my best friends via Ryze, I have found little value in it. I'm willing to admit that I hadn't considered many of the wonderful ideas contained in your essay (Ryze Gold or Platinum Members) until I read it this morning. I appreciate your willingness to be such a committed ambassador for business networking and look forward to corresponding with you in the days ahead.

Jeanie Marshall, 05/14/05:
John, It is so good to reconnect with you, one I have truly valued as "friend." I was away from Ryze for a while, but when I check in to Networks on my return, your messages are among those that I make a point of reading. Thanks for your very wonderful message in my guest book.

ranjit roy, 05/12/05:
Hi John, I was reading your articles (and the links) on your blogs - quite interesting and at times enlightening
Knowledge - well - I got interested in KM (knowledge mgt) from an IT perspective some years ago and well...from historical, philosophical, political, commercial etc. perspectives - at times its difficult to fathom.

binndisha (its french) sarang., 05/10/05:
hi john thanks for the tip, i will sur do that, i really think ur passion for dancing is seen by the happiness in ur face in the photo. i did not know that bungee jumping was a kiwi sport, but its super cool. just like Stephen fleming the super cool kiwi cricket captain.

Kate Klute, 05/05/05:
Hi John, I am very interested in your knowledge on using Ryze in an appropriate way. I have yet to understand if this is just a way to "trade" services, support others and be supported, or just meet interesting people. I will continue to read about your ideas, but I will agree right now with your stance on private pages and no Guestbooks, how is that networking?

Philip San, 05/01/05:
John, Plenty to digest and ponder over on this page .. I am still not sure to be or not to be but I am smiling .. such is life!

Phalgun Kumar, 04/30/05:
Hi John, I have been going through your posts on the young entrepreneurs network.. interesting ones. I am in India and have recently put up an immigration and recruitment consultancy business, nah.. not old enough to be a consultant but giving it a go anyway :)

Nonni, 04/29/05:
Hi John, Thanks for dropping by. You were so right in your comment but my life is mostly work, struggling for my goals. Im afraid Ive got a bit lost in frustration and anger at my own situation. Well see if it changes. At least the saying goes "hope is the last thing you lose". Ill try and become more active in the future. I really have a lot to say.

Geraldine Decher, 04/23/05:
Hello John, I enjoyed your page and reading about your colourful life. I am originally from Tasmania, and to date that's as close to NZ as I have been, but it is on my list of 'Places to Go'.

Paul Mitchell, 04/20/05:
Hi John, Thanks for stopping by my page. Did read your forum post and portions of your step-by-step blog. One thing I would say though is that having the right keywords on your profile page is more of an essential than joining networks. I happen to believe that network forum discussions has fallen off and that people use Ryze more like a Plaxo or Linkedin network instead - doing searches and clicking on keywords to find those with similar backgrounds. Just my opinion.

Linda Jo Martin, 04/17/05:
Hi there, you look like the kind of person I'd like to meet here. I will go check out your network. - Linda

Danielle (Dani) Cutler, 04/15/05:
Yea! It's my favorite New Zealander's birthday! OK, so you're the only NZ-er I know, but that is beside the point! :-)
I hope you are having a fabulous day... and I miss seeing you around posting and stirring things up.

Magi Therese Rai-Carmody, 04/15/05:
Hi John, Happy Birthday and best wishes for the future! I really enjoy learning from the posts on the Innovation network.

Peter Burgess, 04/11/05:
Dear John, Thanks for getting me to look at Ryze again ... Ryze introduced me to a lot of people, but I did not find it very "efficient" in terms of achieving my goals ... and I just ran out of time. Some of your guidance may be valuable.

Jieranai Maier, 04/11/05:
Hello John, Thank you for the message. Your Ryze page is great. You provided so much great information. I need to read up since I also own several groups on Yahoo and I have my own web site for baby boomers networking etc.

Paawun, 03/28/05:
John, Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words. I will go through your step by step blog. Please keep in touch . I appreciate your advice. And I guess I will start with joining your Veech Innovation network.

Jerry Lim, 03/26/05:
Dear John, I will look into your network. Nice reading your interesting profile.

Lisa Mazzuca, 03/23/05:
Thanks so much for the nice comments in my guestbook John! I must admit, I have been pretty inactive on Ryze lately - I'm getting ready to become a first time MOM! My husband and I are expecting a baby boy on May 25th. Good luck in all you do, and I'll be back around soon.

Milind Joshi, 03/17/05:
Wow! That's quite a journey! Welcome to the Young Entrepreneurs Network. In a way, I'm trying to do what you're trying to do, trying to reach out to people who need peer mentor support and encouragement. After all, entrepreneurs understand each other best. Please introduce yourself on the YE network forum, I'm sure a lot of us would like to hear what you have to say! :-)

Cheryl Fuller, 03/10/05:
I just looked at your new site, ATE -- terrific idea. And I also appreciate your material in your blog on effective use of Ryze. Thank you!

Lonnie Ellerbee, 02/13/05:
Hello John, Looks like you are on the right track and will be researching more about the possibilities.

H. Dean Hua, 02/11/05:
That really was a great analysis on networking not working. Your thesis really showed an understanding of the minor subtleties of the topic at hand. [why am i talking like a professor? :)]

Mandar Joshi, 02/11/05:
Hi John, Thanks for the wonderful words in my GB. Will take your advice seriously .Good to know you and hope to gain some knowledge from such an experienced person.

Mary Anderson, 02/04/05:
Hi John, Welcome to the Relationship Marketing Network. I wanted to come over and meet you on your Ryze page. I really enjoyed your blog. I will be back because you have information I need to know.

Glenda Watson Hyatt, 02/03/05:
Hi John, I am a newbie to Ryze, although not to the Internet, and have found your articles on using Ryze informative. I plan on putting your advice into practice soon. Thanks.

Denise Michaels, 01/18/05:
Hi John: Thanks so much for joining my TFM network. Looking forward to hearing your cogent comments, ideas, tips and insights on the network board.

-=Topper=-, 01/18/05:
Hi John, Given ya a shout out here as they say and wishing you a happy new year. You are a level head in this world.

Denise Michaels, 01/18/05:
Hi John: I want to thank you so much for your kind and gracious words in my guestbook. I appreciate it. You made my day. I wish you great success and value the fact that you "get" what I'm striving to achieve on Ryze. Join our "Testosterone Free Marketing" network. Yes it's 90 percent women - but some men like those odds *wink* and there are a lot of wonderful ideas and tips shared there.

Susan Perkins, 01/17/05:
Thanks for your tips John! When I get some time, I will take a look at your tips for Gold members. BTW, how do you manage your networks? I have just a few because I can't do them justice now!

Randy Salars, 01/12/05:
Hi John; Thanks for taking the time to write such informative articles. I never have really thought about the basics of networking before and you have really opened my eyes! In truth, I guess I'm a professional lurker-always reading, but never giving anything back, but it seems I sure have been missing a lot. As a newbie on Ryze, I definitely plan to bookmark such a wonderful resource.

Sadiq Baig, Islamabad, 01/05/05:
Hi John, Thanks for leaving your presence at my page which helped to have a look at your great page. Yes, 'work for all' through an even playing field, is my plea. Let us see how we can make it sure, if at all it is possible.

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