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Rinki Halakhandi, 12/31/04:
Hi John,
Just learning to use Ryze.. Thanks for stopping by my website. Yours is really interesting

Laura Tomlin, 12/29/04:
Hi John,
I enjoyed reading your page, especially the part about getting started in Ryze. You are so right, I am one of those people who stumbled across Ryze and filled out my page, and tried to figure out what else I was supposed to do. Thank you so much for your information. I will definitely do the first steps to joining Ryze and hopefully I will meet some interesting informative people.

Deepa Nandakishore, 12/26/04:
hi John,
Hope u had a very merry and blessed xmas.
Live Well

Wicked Sunny, 12/24/04:
hi john was just passing by. well hope i will need your services pretty soon :Do drop by my page someday and add me as your friend

Kanchana Ravichandran, 12/16/04:
Chanced upon your page from someone's and find your page amazing. Its gonna take me some time to really fully understand but what little I read has made me realise how like minded we are. You are gonna find it difficult to say the same ;-D. See u soon and take care both of u.

Magi Therese Rai-Carmody, 12/16/04:
Hello John,
Greetings from downunder!
I have added your guide for newbies page to my favourites, and will be back to learn more from the wealth of resources you share here. When I joined ryze a few months ago I didn't know what a blog was! Yours is the first site that not only explains what it is, but what it's good for! Your page has a great feel too.
Thanks again, I believe I may be sitting on one of those $million opportunities you mentioned. will be back!

Rahul Kumar, 12/15/04:
Hi John,
Thanks for visiting my page. I went through your page and am impressed with your ideas and work. Thank you for the Ryze guide for gold members. I'll make sure I read it.
Good luck

Josef Ziegler, 12/13/04:
Hi from Australia,
Make me a friend and let's network together. I know it takes time to gain a real friendship.
Please visit our Homepage:
Stop by and sign my GB when you have a chance.

Gerry Martin, 12/11/04:
Hi John,
Thanks for writing in. I did visit your newbie blog and picked up some good pointers. Thanks for the tips. Wishing you the best.

Krista Goon, 12/09/04:
Hi John
Read your blog post on the Principles of Networking. An insightful read. Will definitely come by again to read the rest and to ruminate.

Tami Willey, 12/08/04:
Hi John,
Thanks for the very interesting information and insights that you have shared... it's folks like you who make Ryze such an amazing resource and community!
Best success,

Priya Florence Shah, 12/08/04:
Thanks, John,
I've made many good business contacts on Ryze. Its been fun. Especially when your business contacts are restricted to the internet. You're a veteran here and have some excellent advice on your page for us newcomers. Keep blogging. :) By the way, my brother lives in Auckland. He has a web design biz there.

Priya Florence Shah, 12/08/04:
Hi John. Saw you joined the Blogging for Business network. You have a most fascinating profile and achievements. I think I could spend the entire day reading your information here. :)

Abhijeet Singh, 12/06/04:
Hi John!

You have certainly made your Ryze page into a useful resource. Quite enjoyed reading your blog postings as well, they make good reading...

Jieranai Maier, 12/04/04:
Hello John:
Thank you for your kind words that you left on my guestbook at my Ryze Page. I appreciate that very much. You have a very interesting background and very knowledgeable in the psychology of motivation areas.
I hope that our paths will cross one day in Ryze's world.
Please feel free to add me on your friends list.
Peace, Love and Light,
Jeri (Jieranai) Maier

Sherry Moore, 12/03/04:
You have a great site! Keep up the great work!
Sherry Moore :>

Lawrence Mitchell, 12/03/04:
Hi John,
Thanks so much for stopping by, I appreciate your input. Hope to stay in touch.

Robert Harrington, 11/29/04:
Hi John,
I believe you understand, and you also find that you... believe in people more than they do.
I volunteer and help people...DO IT!!
Sadly they often refuse to acknowledge that they are angels and have the power.

Danielle (Dani) Cutler, 11/29/04:
Hi John,
Just dropping by cause I haven't seen you around for a bit. At least since the US election. Oh No! Did they get you???? *wink*
Miss ya, drop a note sometime!

Heidi Pliam, 11/28/04:
You beat me to the punch. I was going to thank you for your wonderful article for Ryze newbies, but you reached my GB before I could reach yours. I particularly liked your vision about mentoring new folks. If we all just take a couple under our wing, that’s not too much work, and we all benefit.

Emlyn Phillips, 11/25/04:
Hi John,
Thanks for the welcome and advice!

Sanjay Dhadda, 11/25/04:
Thanks for the encouragement.
Yes, you are very true. I am really working hard to improve my hard work and shall seek your guidance for the same too from time to time. Your input in this regard is requested.

Soni Pitts, 11/17/04:
Proportional government, eh? Well that's something I can get behind 100%. Consider jumping the pond and giving our governanny a shake-down, if you ever get board whipping NZ into shape. :-)
PS - I've been sending my team members to your Ryze introduction posts as part of our training. Good stuff there.

Linda Elliott, 11/15/04:
Hi John,
Thanks for stopping by the other day. Sorry I haven't visited sooner - but I've been 'down' for a few days due to being busy (a good thing right?).
Are you a Toastmaster? I became the Vice President Education at my second meeting! A lot for a girl to handle - especially when she is trying to feel more comfortable in front of people ;o)
Talk with you soon!

Pooja Palan, 11/13/04:
HI once again! yeah, yes i did read into the links u've send me . Thank so much for keeping in touch!

BJ Pheiffer, 11/11/04:
How wonderful to find a fellow traveler. One who's put words around what many of us experience. With a new partner, I am moving into the triple bottom line world out of an increasing imperative to bring value to the others with what I do. Am happy to network with you and will let you know as things unfold.
In peace,
BJ Pheiffer

Rohit upadhyay, 11/07/04:
Hello Mr John,
thanx for ur advice i read your newbie blog. It was really interesting. I will now try to implement it.

Manoj Nayak, 11/07/04:
Hi, this is the one of the most friendly and nourishing page on ryze,have added your email id in my contacts so i guess you will be hearing from me, to talk about the uncertain future.

Deepa Nandakishore, 11/02/04:
Thank you John
Appreciate your encouragement towards the hit rates on my page. :)))

Barbara Graham, 10/18/04:
Hi John,
Interesting statistics about NZ Ryze members. I am always amazed at some of the numbers of hits people have had and they have absolutely no information in their sites! One never knows where they are going to meet that next very important business partner or new best friend. Very curious....

1903, 10/13/04:
Hi John,
Thank you for signing my guest book, I'll take the advice that you wrote.
I happen to come across your network but I still don't understand what its totally all about. Hope to here from you soon.

Mike Fesler, 10/12/04:
Thank you for the warm welcome.
I have found your Blog, and will review in depth at a later date.
I must say that upon quick review it looks like it is going to be most helpful for myself and some of my clients as well. I will be most happy to direct them to your site with a warm introduction for your services.
God's Speed,

Arrel Furtado, 10/12/04:
Hi John,
Thanks for the drop by. Hoping to learn a lot from you Innovation Network.

Kevin Poole, 10/07/04:
Thanks for stopping by my pages. Your network definitely looks interesting. I'll give it a shot...
Kevin Poole

Deepa Nandakishore, 10/07/04:
Thanks a pile for leaving behind a message for me on PM as well as on GB. Apologies for this late reply. i must confess I have yet to read ur page in toto..will do so soon and record my thoughts.
Right, now just acknowledging having rec'd. your messages to me.

Roshan Bamadhaj, 10/07/04:
Hi John,
My favourite colour. Excellent work put into this page, Well said too.
Best Regards,
Roshan Bamadhaj

Julie K. Johnson, 10/06/04:
Hi John,
just checking in, good to see your posts in 500, but alas, my patience must run shorter than yours ;)
Best wishes, drop by and say hello.

Heidi Caswell, 10/01/04:
Very well thought out comments and details on using Ryze on your Blog. Great place to send new people, glad Scott added it to his links, makes it very easy to find. Thanks for taking the time to put it up.

Maaheen Meher, 09/30/04:
I absolutely love you for your thoughts about 'god is truth', not as I am an Indian or spiritual in my nature, but because, its about time when people should dissolve borders of religion & try opening their eyes to see that they are all humans basically. I simply love the idea of a new religion called 'humanism'.
Do visit my short & sweet ryze page
Would love to hear from you on the same topic.
keep posting
Maaheen Meher

Paula Green, 09/29/04:
Found you through the support discussion list and have very much enjoyed reading your page. You seem very erudite and experienced, a true business resource. I'm not quite a CEO yet, but will keep you in mind for when that day arrives. In the meantime, thank you for adding value to the Ryze experience and networking in general.
Paula Green Stamford, CT

Jonathan Narducci, 09/29/04:
Hello John,
Interesting observations about business. Companies should take a harder look at the revenue implications of maintaining the status quo and not innovating.
Enjoyed reading your introduction.
Best Regards,
Jonathan Narducci

Richard Zoni, 09/23/04:
Hello John,
thank you for the appreciation words for my ryze-page.
I found your home page very interesting and your Step by Step Blog very useful.
By now, I will continue to lurk around networks, jump from a member-page to another, and to bookmark interesting people like you. Do stay in touch.

Suniti Joshi, 09/23/04:
Hello John,
I have been following your postings on support network. You put your point across really neatly :)
Please keep it up. We need more clear thinking people like you around :)
Cheers ,

Manoj Agarwal, 09/11/04:
Hi John
Always interested in learning .... thats the easiest way to stay young
Manoj A

H. Dean Hua, 09/09/04:
I agree wholeheartedly on your Newbies post on the Support Forum.
More of the newbies would be active if certain controls were placed into it.

Nandan Warnekar, 09/02/04:
Hi John,
Nice to know about you on Ryze. Give some time to visit my Ryze page.
Best Regards!

Scott Whitman, 08/29/04:
Hi John,
Excellent post on Ryze Support.

Kathryn Knox, 08/26/04:
Hello John!

Thanks for the compliment. I started with Ryze about a year ago, but just began picking it back up again. I love politics and although quite liberal, I do consider myself a moderate. I just can't believe the nuttiness going on in the U.S. right now - from all political parties. Anyhow, I look forward to additional discussions with you!
Have a great day!

Pooja Palan, 08/26/04:
hey great to know about the philosophy of - Atom - nucleus and electrons-- with relationships.. i agree with yu! great perception.
Thanks for sharing!!

Scott Minnihan, 08/23/04:
Thanks for signing my guestbook. I will see you around Ryze.

Jagmohan Bhanver, 08/23/04:
Hi John,
Saw your post on my guestbook. I will be visiting your innovation network soon.

Dominic Brown, 08/19/04:
Hello John,
A very enlightening page.

David Ho, 08/12/04:
Hello John,
Thanks for stoping by. Yes, I've been around (you may remember me from P2P Possibilities), but this is the first time we've "met".
Lots of "deep thoughts" on your page here and all of them are good because they make you think. I don't know about you, but I've found living life to be all about embracing oxymoron's. It's something I think we all have to do. How each of us approaches it is what gives rise to all the uncertainty, chaos and personality in this world.

Hi John-
Thanks so much for dropping by my site. I look forward to learning more about what you do and how we can help each other.
Warmest regards,
Cindy Andreatos
Enrollment Specialist
Design Savers Medical Plans (800) 580-8345 X 336

Nicola Andrews, 08/06/04:
Hi John,
Funny thing, I was going to drop you a line the other day. Thought your comments (that I'd read somewhere) were good. My husband was born in Christchurch (we're in Toronto).
And you caught the new look to my website! When you saw it it was only 2 hours old.
I'll soon be posting more on Ryze. I was around a lot last year but got too busy with various offline things to keep up.
Keep in touch,

betsy sansby, 08/06/04:
Thanks for visiting my site and for responding so thoughtfully to my request for feedback. You're insights, experience, and generosity have been helpful and much appreciated. Let's stay in touch.

Manoj Joshi, 08/02/04:
Hi John,
It's always enlightening to read your views on SF network. Keep in touch.
- Manoj

Pooja Palan, 07/31/04:

Rebecca Noles, 07/29/04:
Great information here! Happy Ryzing!
Becki Noles

Vernon Adrian Emuang, 07/29/04:
Does not truth depend on context? Though I agree with you that knowledge itself can be blinding. Hope to follow your blogs - they sound very interesting.
All best. Peace - V

Rolf Goldzahl, 07/22/04:
Thank you for signing my GB and for your comments, but I disagree that it is necessary to have lost the truth before one can search for it. I always believed that if you lost the truth, it was never yours (though one may claim or act like he/she possesses it).
Be well,

Maximus Decimus (aka Gladiator) Meridius, 07/21/04:
Hi there, John!
Thanks for dropping by my Guest Book and your comments.
O.K. - I won't request to add you as a friend nor request for you to add me as a friend until we have had inter-personal contact several times...just to respect your Friends Policy.
I should find out more about your Innovation Network.
Best wishes,

Tarun Hukku, 07/20/04:
Hi John .. thank you for your note and kind comments ... I guess that each person is an innovator ... and in that sense innovation is not as esoteric as some may think it is ... the question is ... Is 'innovation for the self' more or less valuable than 'innovation for others'?
Kind Rgds

Pip Marks, 07/19/04:
Hi John - thanks for letting me know about the innovation network. I'm interested in exploring the link between ADD and innovation and in how we can set up effective innovation teams within companies and industry sectors.

Annette Rutledge, 07/19/04:
Hi John,
Thank you for dropping by, I'm pleased to meet other cantabrians and kiwi's on Ryze and amazed at how many of us are here.
I have briefly perused you ryze page and look forward to reading the rest in the next day. It would be great to catch up with you sometime soon in Christchurch.
Annette Rutledge

Lin Ronald, 07/19/04:
Hello John,
Like you I was born in Invercargill (Makarewa actually)
I was told my guest book does not allow visitors to sign but you have. I have been told that your site doesn't allow guest book entries either. Maybe there is something wrong with the site.
In any case I am trying to sign it now.
Cheers from Christchurch.

Todd Grundy, 07/17/04:
Hi John: Thanks for stopping by, but you are too late, I have already visited both your blogs, Step by Step and Open Future. Wow, what great reading! I printed out the pages and also added them to my blogroll on I look forward to following your writing here and on your blogs. --Todd

David Stoll, 07/16/04:
Hello John,
As a new Ryze member just wanted to stop by and say hello. If you are looking for another Network to join come by Toastmasters Network on the Ryze.
Have a Great Day Everyday!

Tiger Tek, 07/15/04:
G'day John,
great page! Thank you so much for including your InkkedIn link on your blog...I've signed up!
The Ryze Guestbook and Friends Policy are great will add that to my site? May I PM you and copy the code from you?

Siew Chern, 07/15/04:
Hi John
Read your "Internet Newbie Guide" on your blog... Very interesting article which is extremely helpful & a good reminder, even for someone like me who's on Ryze for a few months...
Take Care
Siew Chern

Raymond Wong, 07/12/04:
Hi John,
Great "compass" post on TS. I thought the same thing as I was reading the test; they all force the issue onto one axis or the other of the graph, rather than being able to account for a different approach to even viewing the issue. "solution" instead of "knowledge" again, maybe? :)

Kishore Murthy, 07/08/04:
Love your page and your Step by Step blog. The visit here has been useful. I am yet to check out your blog on blogspot.

Warren Contreras, 07/02/04:
Hi John,
I read your response on Using Ryze Effectively that pointed to your excellent article on your Blog. Would you consider allowing me to post this on my new Forum to encourage Ryze participation?

Mike Chikuni, 06/30/04:
I see you are a fellow student of the great school of life.. Thanks for dropping by my site. I am impressed by your seemingly simple approach of getting as much information about something and always holding out the possibility that their may be other ways of seeing the very same thing that we have not experienced yet.
Thanks for the warm welcome.
Mike C.

Mark Newman, 06/27/04:
it's nice to see you've joined Ultimate Serious Writers Group network here, and I hope to see your posts as part of our fun "family" of thinkers. Very interesting background and ambitions here. An idea actually just clicked for me with my current book as I was reading what you wrote about finding the truth. My book is about Trees and Numbers, and there is truth in both of them, an additional concept I can use. Hey, you never know what you will find on Ryze and how everyone's thinking will impact others in unimaginable ways.
Holler anytime!

Dantus Joseph, 06/24/04:
Your advice 'Joining a Social Network' was helpful... Many ryzers are direction-less, so their pages become as dead as many websites of today... Part of the cyber graveyard...
Dantus Joseph

Somit Makar, 06/15/04:
Hey John...
Always interested in learning...
But their is so much to know...and so little time.
I often wonder whether we just state our views on Ryze...or think about what others have written as well...
And do we just argue...or well.
Do stay in touch

Brian Hill, Ph.D., 06/13/04:
You are clearly a thinking person, which is very rare in this world. I would like to chat with you more about your thoughts on relationships and how to build them. My own thoughts have been clouded recently by the loss of a job, and I need to talk to someone to clarify them.
As we say in Wales for "Cheerio" - "Pob Hwyl"

Grant Whittle, 06/07/04:
I've found myself surfing to your page a few times now after reading interesting posts. Each time I would look at your title and interests and surf on by. Today, I took the time to read your page. Excellent! You have a very comfortable, casual writing style that was a joy to read. You also made me think. I'm not sure how many new things I learned (we think a lot alike), but I certainly enjoyed your new insights on how to express them.
On a side note: I like how you have incorporated the "Guestbook Policy" and your personal "Friends Policy" onto your page. As a new Ryzer, I didn't fully understand the culture at first and made some willy-nilly friend requests in my first month. I wanted to have "friends" and to see more "friends of friends" in order to get more from Ryze faster. Two of those early friend requests are still sitting there unconfirmed as a constant reminder of the need to learn the Ryze culture.
I'm sure we'll run into each other on the CEO network at least a few more times. I would imagine you've gotten a couple of my long-winded posts [grin].
Grant Whittle

Srikanth SESH, 06/06/04:
John.... impressive penning of "who" CEO, i can just related to you, having been a self-made entrepreneur, running my consulting biz for the last few years, thankfully running my house without hitch, hoping for that big-break for the orgn. to fly... Will be watching your post in Ryze...Cheers...

Trevor Durnford, 06/05/04:
Many thanks for helping with my learning. I'm new to Ryze and found the link 'Joining A Social Network' really valuable. It's also great to come across someone else who is passionate about learning.
All the best.

Kristi C, 06/05/04:
Great page- I think we should all strive towards knowing the truth ;)

Walter Paul Bebirian, 06/04/04:
Hi John -
This sound very very interesting - I will be reading some of your open future blog in a few minutes - I would like to find out as much as possible about this -
thank you!

The Art of Speaking, 06/04/04:
Hey John!
So we meet again here! Great!
Letīs keep in touch!
Best wishes
Marcia Beatriz

Daphne Marina, 06/02/04:
Dear John;
I appreciate your kind words and candor.
My boyfriend and I will be in NZ later this month and July. We will be visiting Invercargill and Christchurch as well. Perhaps we can meet.
We became Kiwi Specialists with Tourism NZ, and we may want to transfer there, as well. Currently I'm looking to create friends and contacts there for the aforementioned.

William J J Houtzager, 06/01/04:
Dear John,
It was a pleasure to hear from you again and your appreciation is noted. Reading your post a quote come to mind about civilization from Jane Addams "Civilization is a method of living, an attitude of equal respect for all men". But you are right it does take time and I sometimes wonder if it is worth it. But in the end we have keep raising our voices.
Keep in touch.
Best, William

Kyle Firner, 05/31/04:
What advice do you have for someone who is interested in upcoming ideas and technologies regarding the transportation industry?
I am young and looking for a mentor to help guide my adventures in a global knowledge based economy?

Mary Bradley McCauley, 05/31/04:
if you want to know why there are wars, watch toddlers attack each other. Not because they have been taught to hit one another, but because they instinctively hit one another. I'm receiving insightful information about life by watching little ones! Especially the ones between the ages of 15 months and three years. They behave mostly on instinct. You can see the aggressive behavior in one; in another you can see passive resistance;one toddler will bravely climb on the chair while another will reluctantly raise his hands for a boost up. Early natural behavior is an interesting study! With 14 grandchildren, I'm learning a lot about life.
I'm digesting your information and observations here. My greatest joy in life, next to writing, is thinking and learning--well, I should say then 'my two greatest joys in life'.

Warren Crosbie, 05/31/04:
greetings from across the Tasman. are you familiar with the writings of Ron Oliver and Jen Herrington on 'authentic tasks' in online learning, and learning-objects and the like?

Somit Makar, 05/25/04:
Hey suggested by you... I have finally updated my page...some work done...the rest is in progress.
But thats true to life too.

Shari Miller, 05/22/04:
Love your posts in 500 about proportional representation and political parties (as I did your posts about the government in NZ). As a Green, it is something near and dear to my heart. I hope to see PR happen here in my lifetime. Think I'm crazy? :-)

Leslie Redden, 05/21/04:
I guess you didn't see the FREE PALESTINE on my page.

Deepika Bhasin, 05/21/04:
Hi John,
Am in the field of e-Learning. i design training course ware. It involves Instructional Design. It is the science that helps you design content and present it in such a way that it caters to the specific needs of learners. Prior to entering the field of training and Development and eLearning, I was a media person for close to 3.5 years. Worked as a journalist and dabbled in the creative field of documentary making. Loved it all and moved on to Knowledge/Content development.
I love to write and communicate. Would get into corporate trainings. Training gives me a high.
I read thru your page. We happen to be from the same profession. It amazing. Tell me bit more about the specific work you do. In case you want someone who is crazy about content designing and trainings, feel free to contact me...:)
Must say that i found ur page a treasure trove of many many learnings...
Have a gr8 day!!

Somit Makar, 05/21/04:
John...what to say...what i feel i write on one of the its not a question of sharing ...just a question of what to share.

Somit Makar, 05/20/04:
Nice piece on 500...always saddens me when I see the system getting first corrupted and then secondly getting away with it. At least one of the problems need to be sorted out.
Guess awareness is the first step.

kunnal khanna, 05/17/04:
hi john
h r u
i think u r the senior member of ryze in NZL
i m new to auckland exploring opportunities here
nice to see uor page ... do visit mine page
stay in touch

Kathy Long, PhD., 05/14/04:
Hi John,
Thanks for signing by guestbook. I liked your reference to Kuhn on getting outside the box. What is the "Veech Innovation Network"? All the best,

Scott Jensen, 05/11/04:
Hello John,
Thanks for the nice words. It's just so hard to maintain all the SN's. Ryze is the one I've just not figured out yet.

Nigel, 05/11/04:
Hi John,
Given your comments on the eLearning board, and ideas to start a group of mentors, I would like to ask you about an idea? How would you see a similar group, targeting young creative/entrepreneurial people across say 10 European Union countries - 5 old 5 new , to discuss issues of interest from an international view, and make connections and e-friendships.

Scott Jensen, 05/10/04:
Hello Fellow Ecademy member! Wanted to say Hi!

Leslie Redden, 05/10/04:
Nice article but what were your views? And how did you change your page to purple? Read my views on my page. I have another take on the Abuse issue.
Peace Action Love

Ken Nakagama, 05/10/04:
Social Networking is big and getting bigger.., lol Our Military are like Ants aren't they. Argentina has pretty close ties, we do a lot of work with them.

Maria Stepek Doherty, 05/03/04:
Dear John,
I want to thank you for your well thought out posts on Thinking People and for your detailed response on the New Zealand political system. My dormant passion for political change is wakening after a long sleep and your posts are helping to give it direction.
Love and Light

Danielle Cutler, 05/02/04:
Amen to your post on the 500! The US does have a lot of work to do, and I'm sure you know that I have an uphill battle ahead... :-)

Kenneth Hilving, 05/02/04:
Hi John,
Thanks for the comments. We do seem to share a number of common beliefs in the macro, although as prisoners of our own experiences we probably have very different interpretations of events.
Perhaps the best approach is to drop the labels of life. After all, if something is a fundmental truth it should apply across the entire spectrum.

Manoj Joshi, 05/02/04:
How are you doing nowadays?
- Manoj

Tina Jonasen, 04/28/04:
Dear John,
thank you very much for your reply to my font problem !
I must admit that I didn't understand much of what you wrote (I don't know anything about HTML :-) And it showed that the problem was very simple - sooo embarrassing :-)
But one good thing; I found your page !!
It seem you have a lot of goodies here - so I have bookmarked your page :-)
I am a little stressed at the moment, so I have to get back to you ! But again; thanking you very much for taking the time !
All the best

Claudia Smith, MA, 04/25/04:
I enjoyed your posting on the Liberal Lounge this morning.
In the Apology, Socrates said: "The unexamined life is not worth living."

Terrence Seamon, 04/23/04:
Hey John.
Thanks for signing my gb. Greetings from NJ!

Errol van Engelen, 04/23/04:
Hi John:
Thank you for signing my GB and for the positive reaction on the ORD ER process. As it happens, people want to sell, and customers don't want to be sold to. So yes, this helps the selling side to show interest first and then sell.
Have a great time,

Venusian, 04/20/04:
Hi John,
Belated wishes I know---but Many happy returns of the Day and all the very best for the coming year

DiAnna McDowell, 04/15/04:
Thanks for your advice to Newbies in the Using Ryze Effectively network. I am an eager student.
Best of LUck!
--DiAnna McDowell
"Where much is required, much is given..."

Audrey Yoeckel, 04/07/04:
Hello John,
Love this page! Enjoyed the topics, content and point of view. :) Thank you. And thanks so much for the kind words. Hope to "see" you soon.

Sadiq Baig, Islamabad, 03/22/04:
Hi John,
Coming to your page via one of the messages you posted.
Well, I suppose you can get more contacts/clients at LinkedIn; you may line to PM me your email for an invite there.
Best regards

Manoj Joshi, 03/14/04:
Hi John,
I also see your posts on various networks. I didn't realize you were from New Zealand. My impression, this is a very scenic country! Hope you get your cake my next week.
thanks for visiting my page!

Julie K. Johnson, 03/14/04:
Hi John,
thank you for the kind words, I enjoy reading your posts as well. I can barely stand most of the drivel in 500. :)
Best wishes!

Alexander Scaramanga, 03/10/04:
Hello John,
Thank you for your kind words. It is with pleasure that I join the Sans Frontieres Network. I am a creature of habit however, and it will take me a while to start posting on anything other than 500. :)

Thomas Koty, 03/02/04:
I will certainly take a look at your site. Actually I've found the industry to be quite easy. A mentor of mine to told me "Be honest, be positive and always give them more than they expect. It's difficult to fail if you follow this path."
Good luck!

Mike Klein, 02/28/04:
Hi John...
Thanks for the visit and the encouragement--the social software/network world is fascinating and I'm trying to carve/blast out a niche for myself and my thinking...
By the way, being from New Zealand, how familiar are you with Landmark? I ask because I'd been involved for a few years, and they talk about their impact in New Zealand a lot...
Thanks a lot for the visit and look forward to staying in touch..

Nabil Shabka, 02/25/04:
Hi John,
Just wanted to say that I find your comments in the various groups where we cross paths to be informative and constructive. Look forward to crossing paths more often.

Satya Murthy, 02/22/04:
see some of my works...pls keep in touch..

Dhiraj Khot, 02/14/04:
Hi John,
Thanks for introducing me to personal journals. I will surely try to maintain one. I do have writing on my mind. And I really need to get organised. With number of tasks handling at a time, I hardly find time to sit back and write those lines.
I like the idea of weekly topic where I can think for few min out and pen down some lines.
Whats up at your end at the moment?
Do keep in touch.

David, 02/12/04:
Interesting read... I think I'll let it sink in a little and come back for more later.

Lars, 02/07/04:
Hello John!
Greetings from Norway. Saw a post you wrote on: Ryze Education and Best Practices Network.
I had to visit your page, and here I am.
Hope to talk more with you later.
Best regards

Paige Gilson, 02/05/04:
Thanks for the advice on network leaders. I am still figuring it out.
There is a great book I am reading which deals with these issues you describe: The Secret of The Shadow by Debbie Ford.
Again thanks

Mary Anderson, 02/04/04:
Hi John,
Thanks for the journal tips. i'm going to be using them to encourage my own journal writing.
I will visit your network.
Stay well and prosper,

Beth Ferree _ Writer/Researcher/Coach, 02/03/04:
Hey John,
Welcome to my network! What can I do to help you with your research? Just let me know what you need. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Danielle (Dani) Cutler, 02/03/04:
Hi there! I enjoy your posts on the 500! Sure gets heated in there! LOL!
Take care,

Brian Baldwin, 02/02/04:
Hi John,
I saw your post in Ryze best practices and it impressed me.
Have an excellent day,

Dhiraj Khot, 01/29/04:
Hi John,
I hope all is fine at u r end. Just dropped in to say Hi since it has been long time we exchanged notes. I hope this new year has started well.
At my end things are pretty Ok at the moment ...but I guess this year would be year of changes ...
Keep in touch,

ChemEngineer, 01/26/04:
Thanks John,
I appreciate the words of consolation. Unemployment has become rampant in the US, with politicians trying to "cover the stats" of how bad it is. Luckily there is a level of recovery, but the job market is changing for the better but not fast enough. I appreciate the point for having a diary, but as a technocrat, computing is more fun. I will do that instead. It helps keep the sanity. Take care and thanks for the suggestion. Say hello to Xena and Hercules (assuming they are still in your area )! Take care.

Gino Tocchetti, 01/16/04:
Hi John,
I read your profile, visited your site, joined your network, and finally cited your Innovation Page in my blog.
That's for now. I think it's only the beginning.
Ciao. Gino.

Kathy Browning, 01/06/04:
Greetings John ~ I read your post in a GB and was intrigued by your comments about how the US is in such decline. I couldn't agree more and hope that the people here will eventually wake up and grow a spine. Thanks for sharing your perspective. I hope to get to know you better.
Be Well ~ Kathy

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