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Claire Solt, 12/28/03:
Nice to see that you are thinking.

Horacio Lopez, 12/16/03:
Hi John, I loved what I read here. Keep up with the good work.

Vinay | Creator | Rao, 12/06/03:
I see that one of your interests is innovation. Mine is too. Like the text that you put up. Sadly I see that word 'innovation' being bandied about as that next best thing to have on your 'interests' list by people who do not even begin to understand the term.

Patrick Pettengill, 12/02/03:
John, It is always a pleasure to read your thoughts on the world situation and the politics in particular. I have a new friend in New Zealand!

Dhiraj Khot, 12/02/03:
Hi there. My personal thanks for signing the petition.
It makes me feel nice to know that people across world are sensitive. Its only national boundaries that seperate people.. the basic principles of life and humanity remain same ..!!! Thanks once again.

Ernie Martin, 12/01/03:
Hi John, Interesting background. I once was in Toastmasters about 16 years ago. I am a CTM but wouldn't mind some brushing up. Please do sign my guest book.

Michelle Young, 11/27/03:
Hi John, Well, you certainly know how to pique my curiosity! lol Might I ask which letter caught your eye? I very much appreciate your compliments and kind thoughts.

Steven Howard, 11/27/03:
Hi John, I really enjoyed your writing and your website on journals is just amazing. Good luck with your seeking. Kind regards

Michelle Young, 11/26/03:
Hi John, I noticed you dropped by my site, so I thought I'd pay you a visit and say hello. Your page is interesting, and you write well.

Ayan Bagchi, 11/26/03:
Hi John, Just WENT THROUGH YOUR SITE. I am into e-learning and wanted to know about the NEW Zealand market for elaerning. Can u help me?

Amit Malik, 11/21/03:
Hi John, Complementary to "To search for the truth, you must first have lost it." is the story/ myth/ epic where the Demons who want to keep Humans from discovering God decide to 'hide it inside them' - that is the last place where humans will look for God they augur.
Just saw your post on SF and then headed here... quite impressed. Have signed up with your network. Adding you as a Ryze friend to stay in touch!

Julie K. Johnson, 11/21/03:
Excellent posting on 500! Bravo! Best wishes in your work.

Carl Contino, 11/18/03:
John, I love your piece on the power of volunteers. I really understand, both as a life coach for creatives and as one myself, the lack of comprehensive support for our innovators.

Jake McAuley, 11/18/03:
Hi John you sure are getting around for a new guy! I just read your post on the Arts 21st Century Revolution network. SO tell me John... if you need a role as trainer, what do you train in?

Robin Cook, 11/18/03:
Hi, John: My experience with innovation in organizations is that the focus is usually on the process. Now don't get me wrong, process is important. But if the organizational culture doesn't support the process, absolutely nothing will happen. Conversely, in a true "culture of innovation", everyone's individual process is allowed to thrive & amazing things usually happen!

Dr. Christopher Niem Henley, Msc. D., 11/18/03:
Hi John! It's good to meet you here at RYZE! Thank you for signing my guest book. It takes "courage and practice"! Now you tell me!!! I just jumped in and got started!

Norman Knipe, 11/17/03:
Hello John, Wow, it was great to read your notes.I am glad you liked my stuff.What you wrote about truth seems to me to be like our true self; as we respond with acceptable superficial statement which hide the truth, so we wear a mask which hides our true self, afraid that if I really show you Who I am you may not like me any more.

Ricco C, 11/17/03:
Hello John, Thanks for the message left in my Guestbook. I agree that Geocities isnt the best but it will suffice for now, I would rather have a temporary website up then none at all.

Peter Green, 11/16/03:
Hello John, It's good to see a number of Kiwi's (New Zealanders) in Ryze communicating to the World.
I visited your ATE site. You have been very creative in your varied career. Like you I believe that by writing a journal or in my case an ezine I have grown in many areas. From going to school only to eat my lunch and little else then leaving school to work as a farm laborer to now where I write regular articles for others to read it's a big turn around. Mind you I still can't spell so spell checker works overtime on my computer.

I see your home page has a rating of 4/10 with Google so you must know your stuff. I have a 3/10 for a site I'm started working on about 3 months ago, it's hard work getting listed today with thousands of new pages going on the internet every day.

Carl Contino, 11/16/03:
Just read your post on Alvin Lee's GB on the lack of true understanding of innovation. I couldn't agree more. Whatever you call them, original thinkers, inventors, creatives, misfits, whatever, the one thing that is missing is a well established support system in society for people who reside outside the mainstream.

Sonal Raut, 11/16/03:
thanks for signing my guestbook!! esp someone from NZ...feels good.

Rajesh Bibikar, 11/16/03:
Hi John, Thanks for signing my guest book & for the advice. I too am new here and any inputs from u regarding my home page r most welcome. You have posted very good points, believe some of them r ur personal experiences.

Bhaskar S, 11/15/03:
Hi John, Thank you for dropping by and marking my GB.... and yes Welcome to Ryze...

Zac Pullen, 11/11/03:
Hey John ... thanks for visiting my RYZE home page. I recognise you from the big village of Christchurch. Not sure where but I'm sure if we compared notes we'd track down the moment.

Shraddha Bajpeyi, 11/10/03:
Hey John! Thanks for the prompt response. I think you write well, would love to get a dekko at your journal.

Yvonne Youngman, 11/09/03:
Hi John, Great to hear from another Kiwi on ryze. Love your diction, very much in tune with society, you have some good points there. Wishing you all the best.

Bala Pillai, 10/31/03:
John, great to see you here. Went through your website at -- you have a powerful mind. And you are incredibly articulate in making the complicated simple.

Jamie Love, 10/31/03:
Hello John :) Huge welcome to Ryze. I wish you much success in all you do :)

Kathleen Gregovich, 10/31/03:
Welcome to Ryze John! It's nice to have you onboard. This is a fabulous place to network and meet lots of wonderful people. Looking forward to learning more about you and seeing you throughout the community. Please stop by and say hello when you get a chance. Let me know if there's anything I can help you with.

Husain, 10/31/03:
Hi John, There are TWO kinds of people in this world, those who RYZE and those who DON'T.

Jim Euritt, 10/31/03:
Welcome to Ryze! Great things happen here!

Hemal Trivedi, 10/31/03:
Hello John, Welcome to Ryze! where are you from , and what interest you most? Put up some details about yourself.

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