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I've been about 10kg overweight for about 10 years.

I've tried to moderate my diet and to exercise to keep control.

My weight is coming down. Why isn't clear.

In late December 2012, I began taking two SE2™ tablets a day as instructed.

I began to take StemFlo™ in February, 2013.

There was no weight loss before I started to take StemFlo™. Waist 101cm, 85kg (13.5 Stone)

But I installed the standing desk about the same time.

April 2013: I've lost 9cm around my waist in the last two months.

StemFlo™ seemed to help me to feel full after a meal. It seems that it also helps reduce craving for a biscuit or for chocolate.

My mentor Robert Paterson points out that the piece of bread or the biscuit you have after a meal to be 'satisfied' sets you up to want satisfaction again within two hours. You eat a biscuit, and soon you want another one.

I think that StemFlo™ makes it easier not to have that first biscuit. You still have to say no, but it's possible to do so.

No biscuits or bread after the evening meal, means that I have no felt need for supper, before retiring at night. I've thought for a long time, that if I could just stop having supper, my weight would naturally fall. That seems to be happening.

What now happens is in my hands. I still choose what I eat. I'm still capable of choosing badly. But I also know how to choose well. No sugar, no chocolate, reduced cereals, little or no bread, and then only as part of a larger meal, little pasta.

I've just heard on the radio that a researcher is claiming that sleep deprivation causes people to eat more. That might be valid.

19th May, 2013: not keeping to my eating routine as much as I should. Waist measurement still the same, 93cm. My weight has fallen to 79kg. (12.5 stone)

28th July, 2013: My good eating habits have been replaced by my old bad eating habits. Putting on weight again. My focus for the last two months has been on my skin condition. OK, so it's time for a new resolution to maintain a healthy diet. For me that means, no pies, no ice cream, no snacks between meals, and no supper at night. Limited bread, limited cheese, no chocolate.

I think the key to diet is in your head. You do what you THINK is normal. If eating an extra slice of bread, butter and honey is normal, you do it without consideration. If having tea and biscuits for supper is normal, you do it without thinking of the end result. Hundreds of little easily changed decisions, all tending in the same direction, eating more, is the problem. I can choose differently. Now I think SE2™ helps you to feel better, and helps you to make good decisions. I'm not sure if StemFlo™ is playing any part at all.

9th August, 2013: I came here to say that my waist measurement is reducing again. I confirm that the secret is in my own thinking, helped perhaps by the fact that when I'm taking SE2™ I feel better about myself and about my health. When I think "It's normal for me to eat only healthy foods", I can easily resist pies and cakes and ice cream. More-over when I'm feeling good it's also easier to do some exercise.

20th August, 2013: My improved eating routine is working well. Waist measurement is back to 93cm. My weight has fallen to 79kg. (12.5 stone) That's the same as 19th May above.

If you want to talk to me about what I'm learning, you can let me know here.

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