Adapt to ExperienceTreating a Varicose Ulcer

I've had an ulcer on my leg before. The real cure is to operate on the veins. That's been done four times in the past.

In the beginning I had no expectation that SE2™ would have any effect. After a couple of months I noticed changes in my skin. I wish I had better documentation of that.

Now I am asking myself if SE2™ is helping the wound heal?

Here is some photographic evidence. Not perfect, but it does demonstrate the issues.

Ankle 11th February:
For the last 10 years this ankle has been problematic. It gets infected by some bacteria or fungus and the skin becomes red and itchy. If I was to scratch it, a bleed might occur. I've been able to keep it under control with 1% Hydrocortisone cream.

This is the inner side of my left ankle photographed in February. It's already much better than it was in January, and I've noticed the improvement in the skin. The skin on the ankle is smoother, less scaly, and area where the scab is, is smaller.

I'm taking SE2™, 2 tablets a day, since 20th December, 2012. To encourage the healing I've noticed, I began to use 1% Hydrocortisone cream more often recently. (Not daily)

Below are two close up photographs, one taken on 11 February, and the other on 14th March. (Yes it's slightly out of focus) You can see that there has been healing during the month.

I think that if SE2™ produces additional stem cells, we should expect that many of those new cells will become incorporated in the skin, which is after all our largest single organ.
Ankle 11th February: Scaly skin gone. Ankle 14th March: Wound almost gone.

Big Bleed: On 19th March quite unexpectedly, after a shower my ankle started to bleed very badly. I wrapped it, and kept it dry for more than one week. I did not think to take extra SE2™ at the time. I just assumed that it would quickly heal. It didn't. So here is a report on my efforts to heal it. The photographs below are about 200% life size.
10 Days after the bleed. Ulcer formed. It's been kept covered and dry since the bleed. Wound about 9mm wide and 6mm high. 3rd April; Taking two extra SE2™ for the last week. Trying to heal but it's also infected. (Black pen marked infection area.) 4th April: Started to use a vitamin supplement too. Still infected.
9th April: Clearly infected and angry looking. Decided to stop taking two extra SE2™. (Maybe SE2™ is not working.) 10th April: Began to use Tea Tree Oil. (1% Hydrocortisone cream ineffective.) 16th April: Very pleased with this, it's looking good. Tea Tree Oil works.

Later on 16th April I happened to be visiting the doctor to get a flu immunization injection. I asked the nurse to look at the ankle. She suggested a modern plastic dressing. I accepted the offer. Remember I'm taking two SE2™ a day but not taking an extra two. Over the next 10 days we seem to go backwards rather than forward. Compare where I was on April 16th, with 3rd May below. About the same I'd say.
16 April: Doctor's nurse puts on an easy-care dressing. No special effort for the next 10 days. (Different lighting in the doctors rooms.) Ten days later this is the wound. I'm disappointed. Re-dressed. The doctor suggests it might take a month to heal and that reinfection can be expected. I decided to try two extra SE2™ a day once more. 3rd May: I've been taking two extra SE2™ for the last week. I like the results. Redressed:
And this is the result after the second week on SE2™. The redness on the left, might be new infection, or just the result of a recent hot shower. 10th May: There is no more open wound. But the skin has not fully filled in the hole yet. The nurse says the redness is just the new skin. I'll keep up the extra SE2™ for another week. 2nd June: The wound has filled in, and the skin is smooth and more normal.
Maintaining you health is a wicked problem. I think I've shown above that taking extra SE2™ seems to have helped the healing of my ulcer. But there are other effects, some of them good and one of them a warning sign of an allergic reaction. See "Four a Day".

If you want to talk to me about what I'm learning, you can let me know here.

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