Adapt to ExperienceUsing StemFlo™ to optimise circulation

My Personal Experience Using StemFlo™

My Experience Using StemFlo™.

Someone in the Stemtech world, impressed upon me that for total health another product called StemFlo™ was important. My attitude, you can guess, was I don't need another pill. However, my wife Carolyn looked at the ingredients on the side of the bottle and said, "This looks interesting, I'd try that." She knows much more about herbs and herbal supplements than I do, mostly from trying Asian and Persian cooking. (My "nothing", to her "a little bit".)

We both agreed to try StemFlo™, taking three tablets mid-afternoon each day.

This is what I believe. StemFlo™ has given me the ability to know when I've had enough to eat. I take StemFlo™, three tablets instead of afternoon tea. Usually with a cup of tea, but no biscuit. At dinner time, the main meal in our house, I feel fully satisfied when I've had my meal, where in the past I'd often get up and have a piece of buttered bread and peanut butter, or three biscuits and a cup of tea.

Better still I don't feel hungry at supper time, and I'll have a cup of tea about 10pm, go to bed about 11.30, and sleep through to about 7.30am. That's a big change for me. I've often told myself that if I didn't have my late night snack, I'd easily lose the extra weight that bothers me. We will see what happens.

By the end of March 2013 I was happy with my weight loss and in my view StemFlo™ was helping to achieve that. But can I prove that?

I decided to stop taking StemFlo™ from 12 September, 2013. I'll report the results of that here.

What do I suggest? I suggest you start keeping a record of your own health status. I've prepared this form to help you.

This is a developing story. More later.

If you want to talk to me about what I'm learning, you can let me know here.

Urination Problems Resolved
Improved Sleeping Pattern
Increased Energy Level
Increased Feeling and Awareness
Lack of Indigestion
Knee Joint Pain
Rediscovery of my Big Toes
Sense of Wellbeing
Knee Joint Pain
Restless Legs and Hands
Reduced Craving for Sweet Food
Weight Loss
Muscle Injury - Right Arm
Improved Skin Condition
Less Sensitive to Cold Conditions
New 'Grease' for Old Shoulders
Improved Sexual Interest and Function
Healing an Ulcer on my Leg

The following are question marks, or not happening yet.
Hair Colour (New Dark Hair?)
Eyesight (no change)
Teeth (no change)
Improved Mental Alertness (no change)
Improved Long Term and Short Term Memory (no change)

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There is a MLM business associated with SE2™ and StemFlo, but before I introduce you to that I'd like you to become one of my retail customers.

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