Adapt to ExperienceRestless legs and hands.

Awareness that my jiggling legs had calmed came later.

I'm also not tapping with my hands or fiddling with my fingers.

This has never bothered me, but others have occasionally commented.

In late December 2012, I began taking two SE2™ tablets a day as instructed.

I began to take StemFlo™ in February, 2013.

I've been aware of this issue for several years. I never thought about it much.

I assume that the need to move my legs, particularly to flex the ankle, is related to my varicose veins. But I've also tended to fiddle with my hands, in a restless way.

Four months into beginning to make changes in my nutrition and habits, I notice that the jiggling legs have stopped, and so have the hands.

Maybe StemFlo™ is responsible for this. I can't be sure.

20th August: There's no sign of restless hands or restless legs. That's good, but I have no clear idea of what has caused the change. I note that very slowly, the thin dry area of skin on my right ankle is getting smaller and smoother. That is caused by pressure from varicose veins. So there is an improvement in blood circulation in my legs. StemFlo™ is supposed to improve the blood flow into the smallest capillaries. If that's the reason, it's taken a long time to be apparent (Several months).

16th September, 2013: It seems that stoping the use of StemFlo™ (From 12th Sept.) is already having one small effect. My nervous active hands have returned. (Twisting turning thumbs.) I need to learn more about this. Restless legs are not apparent.

If you want to talk to me about what I'm learning, you can let me know here.

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