Adapt to ExperienceFour SE2™ Capsules a Day.

Taking Four or Six SE2™ Capsules a Day.

Is there any advantage in taking a more massive dose daily?

Many people have reported success in using four SE2™ capsules a day for a specific purpose. The cost is one good reason not to do this all the time.

In late December 2012, I began taking two SE2™ tablets a day as instructed.

I began to take StemFlo™ in February, 2013. Discontinued StemFlo™ temporarily in September 2013.

It never occurred to me that I should try to take four SE2™ a day, until I had an ulcer that wouldn't heal. I tried that experiment taking four capsules a day.

I took two SE2™ a day from December 2012 to the present (May 2013). For two periods now totalling four weeks I took an extra two tablets a day. That's what I want to talk about on this page.

When you understand how SE2™ works, it's obvious that many of the additional stem cells produced will end up in the skin. After all the skin is the largest single organ in your body. Evidence of this for me has been, changes in the texture of the skin on my nose, dark hair appearing on my chest, new hair on my head (I think), smoother skin on my arms, and improved skin on my ugly varicose ankles.

We might also anticipate that most of the extra stem cells are used in the gut. Apparently the lining of the gut is replaced every five days. I've no idea what the mechanism is, but I used to have a troublesome stomach, and I don't now. See "Indigestion".

Periods Taking Extra SE2™

3rd April to 9th April: At the time I couldn't be sure is SE2™ was helping or not. I didn't know that an infection was working against what I wanted to achieve. However, I did notice a further increase in energy and the arm muscle that I have been slowly healing for two months made a lot of progress. I was able to do my usual bench press exercise without shoulder pain for the first time. Once the infection in the ankle wound was treated I began again.

26th April to 24th May: Now I can see the clear improvement in healing of the ulcer when I'm taking extra SE2™. (No infection) The muscle in my arm is now almost fully recovered. I've been able to dance without pain. I think the growth of new hair, that I've suspected is being confirmed. But the photographs I have are unconvincing.

If you want to talk to me about what I'm learning, you can let me know here.

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The following are question marks, or not happening yet.
Hair Colour (New Dark Hair?)
Eyesight (no change)
Teeth (no change)
Improved Mental Alertness (no change)
Improved Long Term and Short Term Memory (no change)

Taking or Not Taking StemFlo™
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