Adapt to ExperienceChanges to my Energy Output

The third noticeable effect in taking SE2™, was far more energy.

I was surprised by this. I've always felt that I had lots of energy.

Not only is there more energy, but it's sustained energy.

In late December 2012, I began taking two SE2™ capsules a day as instructed.

I began to take StemFlo™ in February, 2013.

During the third week, I drove 420km for Christchurch to Dunedin. I fully expected to pass the driving to my wife Carolyn, along the way, but I wasn't tired, and I drove all the way. Three days later I drove all the way back too.

I'm used to long walks, but in the second month I noticed increased stamina, and less tiredness afterwards.

This increase in energy is apparent, but also there is a better sleeping pattern.

3rd May, 2013: During April, on two occasions for a week I doubled the amount of SE2™ capsules I was taking. The noticeable effect was increased energy, in particular more strength of explosive power in my feet and ankles.

9th August, 2013: I've been using the bench press for the last week, and I've have the gears on my bike fixed so I can ride more easily. I've ridden 20km twice in the last week. My dancing keeps me fairly fit, weekend walks on the Port Hills also help, but we've not been doing that lately. I do need to build muscle in my shoulders and chest, so weight training should be useful. Cycling is aerobic exercise which is gentle on my knees, and it builds good abdominal muscles too.

If you want to talk to me about what I'm learning, you can let me know here.

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