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When you take the step of writing your own opinions online, suddenly you force yourself to think and to write with more precision and purpose.  You want to at be seen as competent, at least.  You strive.  That's good, it has the potential to change your life.  

 On the Web 2.0 Internet everyone who chooses can become a publisher. 

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The Value of Sharing Knowledge.

Those who openly share information with others end up with even more information.  That's a basic lesson of the Internet.   By telling people what you are doing or what you've discovered, people who are doing similar work or thinking along similar lines will contact you and add their little bit of information.  On Ryze and to a lesser extent on Facebook there are forums for exactly this process.  

The Internet is packed with groups on every topic you can imagine.  Responding to letters and comments in these groups or on blogs is the most basic form of "publication".  One of the easiest ways is a discussion list.

Slightly more formal is the process of developing your own Homepage on a social network.  How do you describe yourself, your interests and your purpose for being in this network?  There is no perfect way to do this, and too many people struggle with the problem, and give up.  Start with something simple and easy to do.  Be yourself.  Don't try to be funny or profound, settle for being you.  Read the Homepages of other people.  You'll soon se what NOT to do.  Don't write an advertisement, for instance.  

The next stage in publishing is writing a web-log, journal or blog. (All the same thing.) Your blog can be a collection of you best ideas, and it can be regular of occasional.  If you like it can be PRIVATE.  Frankly nobody cares if you write a blog or not.  Do it for yourself.  Readers are a bonus.


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