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There are enormously strong social barriers in society that trap people in difficult situations.  One of those is "loyalty".  Loyalty to a partner or family member who's misbehaving can be very costly.  The inability to read fluently creates barriers of confidence and knowledge.  A person with that problem is unlikely to be here.  Statistics show that people who cannot join the mainstream of society get sick and DIE.  Some of us hoped the Internet would help.  The opposite seems to be the case.  

 Your social status as a MEMBER is critical to your success in life. 

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The Killing Field of Inequality.

The barriers that keep people out of the mainstream community are subtle.

Exclusion: Finding a rule to reduce or to prevent participation.

Exploitation: Making sure their resources of money, time and energy are fully used.

Distancing: Quiet social exclusion: Not acknowledging, not speaking to them.

Hierarchy: Using position or authority to keep people in their place.

The four methods of keeping people out listed above affects the health status of the victims and that leads to early death.

In particular the lack of social status affects access to material resources, to education and to health care.

The mainstream society is blissfully unaware, because they don't suffer in this way.

Each of us plays a part in shaping the future.  We have the choice of using the Internet to help us make better informed decisions.  

We all have the option of finding new online friends and colleagues.

Costs More to be Poor

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