Adapt to Experience

The Internet is FULL or free resources like the ones we offer here.

Sadly those resources are poorly used.  

60% of the people connected to the Internet seem to be almost totally unaware of the resources available.  80% of the people who join Social Networks fail to become active users.  Lack of KNOWLEDGE seems to be the prime factor in the failure of the people to engage in Internet use.

While I recommend my chargable services, the more you can do on you own the better.  The purpose is to make you a competent and independant Internet user.  

  BEST Internet Practice   A few things to learn NEXT
  The Rise of Civil Society   A promise unfulfilled
  ONE thing to learn.   One simple step that we help you find it.
  Share Your New Knowledge   Helping others reinforces your own learning
  Educational Confusion   Our indoctrination both succeeds and fails
  Relationships are Fundamental   The world as it is, was never explained to you.
  What is the Internet?   95% of people don't yet understand that.
  A Hard Lessons Story   Why "Adapt to Experience"?
  The Social Internet   Using online Social Networks
  The Killing Field of Inequality   Sickness, lack of opportunity and early death.
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