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Fee Paying Services

26 July, 2009

Dear Sir or Madam

We've written over 50 pages about using the Internet in this site. There is plenty of information available for you both here and elsewhere on the Internet.  Even so people still feel they need help.  That's our objective on this page.  

What can we offer that doesn't cost you NZ$90.00 an hour?
We have established several discussion lists, which will develop as the number of customers grows.  When you tell us what your needs are. we'll attach you to the appropriate list.  The fee is NZ$12.50 per unit.  A unit is one or two hours of your time.  That might be a week or a month, you can choose how fast you travel.  You pay in advance, but you can pay one unit at time.

We're experimenting here.  What we offer is not available anywhere else.  We know there is a real need for these skills, but we don't know if the people who lack those skills also understand that need.  So this service is at the moment small and personal.  I hope you like it that way.

For each unit, we'll offer you a planned set of work, and we'll use the discussion list to sort out any problems you are having.

Basic Email Techniques

(No clients yet.) Inquire here.

People don't know how to organise their email.  This work involves analysis of your present email load.  Planning how to separate email into classes.  Probably setting up a second email account.  Re-organising your mail according to this new plan.  

Finding and Participating in Discussion Lists

(No clients yet.) Inquire here.

Discussion lists, listservs, are an old technology, but very simple and easy to use.  Low cost and effective.  You should be involved with several lists based on you own interests.  

Fewer than 6 people in 100 subscribe to discussion lists.  On discussion lists more than 80% of the members sit silent.  There are two training needs here.  First, how to find appropriate lists.  Second, how to participate with a low risk of being attacked.  

Joining and Participating in Social Networks

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Online social networks are the key to safely extending your network of known individuals, and to enlarging your knowledge of the world.  There is nothing online that is more important.  It's the feeling of knowing and understanding between people that provides the motivation for communication and collaboration.  

Understanding and Using LinkedIn

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The mean number of connections for LinkedIn members is less than 5.  80% of the people who are linked in members have no idea why they joined or how they should develop their networks.  

LinkedIn is an incredibly valuable network of global business contacts.  LinkedIn makes this network of 40 million business people searchable, provided you have a significant number of contacts.  LinkedIn makes it possible to direct a question to up to 200 of your personal contacts.  

Time Saving Techniques for finding the news sources you need.

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Hardly anybody if using a news reader.  This is another neglect of a major online technology because of the lack of knowledge an skills.  Because of this lack of knowledge, very few people, perhaps only 2% read blogs.  The best blogs are excellent sources of current information.  We can't be well informed online if we ignore blogs.  

These units will help you to setup and develop the use of a news reader.

Developing Digital Literacy
Building and Sharing your own Knowledge

Not yet ready to offer this one.

I'm not sure which of these titles you prefer.  They both refer to an essential online skill that we all need to develop.  Online digital skill include knowledge of online tools an a basic knowledge of HTML so you can publish a formatted document if you need too.

TED Conference Online

(No clients yet.) Inquire here.

The intention here is to save you time.  TED talks run for 18 minutes.  There are hundreds of them now.  The objective here is to recommend a TED talk once a week, and to get some feedback on what people like and dislike, so the future selection of talks can be more focused and useful.   (No weekly option. $12.50 a month.)