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Clay Shirky has written an interesting book called "Here Comes Everybody". He's saying that while only a small number of people are engaged online right now, the next stage of the Internet will be massive acceptance and adoption of Internet use.  In the process Internet users will transform the web and how it develops.  Clay Shirky Video Link

 "Here Comes Everybody" is an absorbing guide to the future of society. 

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Now that Everyone is Internet Connected.

The Internet now allows groups to be formed that allow people to communicate with each other.  But we're discovering that we're not very good at using such tools.  We don't know each other.  Are you who you say you are?  Can anyone be trusted?  

I discovered on Ryze, the first successful online social network, that 80% of the people who joined never participated in the network in any active way.  What a waste.  I was shocked when I first discovered those numbers.  I blamed Ryze.  Not so, this is general across the Internet.  

People are online, "everyone is connected" they say (not quite true, but close enough in NZ).   But people are NOT participating in any way that would greatly change their lives or the society in which they live.  We're not connected in a way that encourages conversations so we can talk to each other.  We have web 2.0 tools but we are reluctant to use them.  

Many people don't have the courage to publish what they think online.  We imagine that other "clever people" should do the publishing.  While the truth is that when we practise publishing, the need to make sense, and to avoid embarrassment forces us to try really hard.  That's good for us.  When we practice our own ideas get better.  

We need to appreciate what other people are saying.  We need to be the witness to the current events of our age.  In the process we will discover who we are and what we ourselves should be doing.  


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 What People DO online  Online Exposure  Internet FAILURES?  To BE or NOT to BE  Digital Superhighway

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